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Montana State University - Barley and Malt Quality Lab

Any party wishing to submit samples to the MSU Malt Quality Lab must review and sign a Testing Service Agreement (TSA). For more information please contact the lab. Downloadable TSA can be found here.


Client Information                          







City, State




Phone #



Service List


Moisture and Protein


Germination Characteristics (energy, capacity, sensitivity)


Barley Selection Package (Moisture, Protein, Plumpness, Germination Energy)





Sampling & Shipping

1 lb of clean and dry (<14% moisture) whole grain sample is required.  Samples should be sealed in a moisture proof bag.  Samples should be clearly labeled with Variety Name, Farm, and Lot Code.  Please ensure sample is representative of the lot.


Ship to:

Attn: Malt Quality Lab

Montana State University

119 Plant Bioscience Building

Bozeman, MT 59717-3150


Sample Description

Analysis Requested






















Payment is due within 30 days of sample submission.

Please make checks payable to Montana State University