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 Montana State University - Barley and Malt Quality Lab

Any party wishing to submit samples to the MSU Malt Quality Lab must review and sign a Testing Service Agreement (TSA). For more information please contact the lab. Downloadable TSA can be found here.

Client Information







City, State




Phone #



Service List


1Full Malt Analysis


1Basic Malt Analysis


Enzymes Only


Specialty Malt Analysis (20 SRM+)

Please indicate if High Dried, Caramel, or Roasted as each has a unique protocol


2Malting w/ Malt Analysis & single germination characteristics



Sampling & Shipping

200g of each malt sample is required.  Samples should be sealed in a moisture proof bag.  Samples should be clearly labeled with Product ID/Lot Code & Variety. Please ensure sample is representative of the lot.


Ship to:

Attn: Malt Quality Lab

Montana State University

119 Plant Bioscience

Bozeman, MT 59717-3150


Sample Description

Analysis Requested

For Specialty

















































Payment is due within 30 days of sample submission.

Please make checks payable to Montana State University

1Appropriate for lower color base, and base like malts – high color malts submitted as full or basic will not receive complete report

2Limited availability – please discuss project with the lab before submitting samples, 300g required