Barley and Malt must meet strict quality criteria to work for various industries, whether it be the Maltster wanting to make barley into a value added malt, or a brewer wanting to craft a beverage from the malt. Tight specifications of barley and malt are established to ensure good final product quality. Our lab provides convenient, reliable, and affordable testing of the various barley and malt aspects helping to determine selectability of barley for malt and malt for brewing.


To submit samples please download the corresponding sample submission form

(includes shipping and payment instructions):

      Barley Sample Submission Form    Malt Sample Submission Form

Any party wishing to submit samples to the MSU Malt Quality Lab must review and sign a Testing Service Agreement.


Barley Quality Testing 

Test Price

Barley Selection Package:

-Moisture, protein, plumpness, kernel weight, germination energy, falling number, and DON

Grain Moisture & Protein Content $15/sample

Germination Characteristics

-Germination energy, capacity, and water sensitivity




Falling Number


Agronomic Variety Testing

-Yield, protein, plump, test weight, heading date, height.

*Grown in 11 locations across Montana (5 irrigated, 6 dryland)



Malt Quality Testing

Test Price
Full Malt Analysis - Moisture, assortment, friability, fine extract, coarse extract, F/C difference, B-glucan, FAN, soluble protein, S/T, DP, a-amylase, color, filtration time, clarity, pH $150/sample

*Basic Malt Analysis - Moisture, friability, fine extract, B-glucan, FAN, DP, a-amylase, color, filtration time, clarity, pH, soluble protien, total protein, S/T

*Appropriate for barley, and wheat. Wheat samples will not recieve friability or B-glucan testing.

Adjunct Malt Analysis (sorghum, maize, millet, rye, oats) - Fine extract, color, clarity, & filtration time $100/sample
Enzymes only-Diastatic Power & a-amylase $50/sample

*Specialty Malt Analysis  - high dried, chocolate and roasted malt–Moisture, extract, color, pH

*SRM 20+ samples

Please specify if sample is

High dried: higher color malt that stills has sufficient enzymes for self conversion (standard mash)

Caramel - requires base malt for supplemental conversion (base malt supplemented mash)

Roasted - high color malts - (no mash - extraction via boiling) Measure: color only


*Malting w/ Malt Analysis

-Barley samples malted with our system and controls, includes Malt Analysis (Full Malt w/ out friability)

*Limited availability - please discuss specific project with the lab before submitting samples

All testing is conducted using official methods of the American Society of Brewing Chemists


2019 Lab Schedule

Data Turnaround Time:

Typically data can be expected within 5 or less business days. During normal weeks malt analysis is performed   Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Samples received Thursday will not be run until the following Tuesday at the earliest.

2019 Holiday Schedule

The lab will be closed on the following dates:

January 1 - New Years Day

January 21 - Martin Luther King Day

February 18 - President's Day

May 27 - Memorial Day

July 4 - Independence Day

September 2 - Labor Day

November 11 - Veteran's Day

November 28-29 - Thanksgiving

December 23 -27 - Christmas Week