Research, Education, and Service Learning within and between BIOREGIONS. A "Bioregion" is a geographic region with similar landscape and environmental conditions, such as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem or northern Hovsgol Province in Mongolia.


The Mongolia-Montana Connection (MAGIC Magazine, Holiday 2010 edition, pages 64 to 67), featuring Dr. Megan Evans, BioRegions Programs Health Team Participant on the 2010 Work Trip...

BioRegions Programs

MSU BioRegions

University-centered action research, experiential education and service learning. Merging place, people and science to create sustainable solutions. Use buttons at top for details.

BioRegions Program in Mongolia

MSU BioRegions Program in Mongolia.

BioRegions International

Non-profit 501(c)3 organization focusing on Mongolia. more>>

How BioRegions Works

  • Bottom up approach
  • Learning from locals
  • Engaging students, specialists and citizens
  • Experiential learning
  • Student projects at MSU applied at the field sites
  • Use of Holistic Management

Current Projects

The Darhad Valley is an amazing place for students to learn more about sustainability and themselves. Click the thumbnails below for full-size images.

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Why and Where

The Montana State University BioRegions faculty, staff and students collaborate with local citizens and communities in their bioregions to learn about the way of life and resource base. Resulting partnerships apply local knowledge, science, humanities and management to create proactive solutions to meet local needs. MSU BioRegions focuses in the Darhad Valley of Hovsgol Province in northern Mongolia, southwest of Lake Baikal in Russia.

map of mongolia
Map of Mongolia.

Who We Are

Dr. Cliff Montagne

MSU BioRegions Director and President of BioRegions International

Cliff is a soil scientist with interests in landscape ecology and human ecology. An associate professor in the Department of Land Resources & Environmental Sciences, he teaches courses in introductory soil science, landscape pedology, Holistic Management, and sustainable development along with chairing the Montana State University Campus Sustainability Advisory Council. To support his interest in land use and community decision making, Cliff is an Associate Certified Educator with Holistic Management International.

Dr. Bruce Maxwell

BioRegions faculty, Agroecology

Dr. Will Swearingen

BioRegions faculty, Geography

Dr. Jerry Nielsen

BioRegions faculty, Soil Science

Dr. Rick Lawrence

BioRegions faculty, Remote Sensing

Dr. Lynn Paul

BioRegions faculty, Nutrition

Susan Gibson

BioRegions faculty, Anatomy & Physiology