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Office of Biosafety

Kirk Lubick, M.S., ARO
Biosafety Officer
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Elizabeth Nicholas
Committees Coordinator
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IBC Chair

Dr. Michael Babcock
Psychology Dept.
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Autoclave Program

The Safe Use of Autoclaves

  1. There are many different types of autoclaves used on the MSU campus.  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that all authorized individuals are properly trained on the use of the autoclave(s) used by laboratory personnel. Click here for a usefule website on safe autoclave use from the Univeristy of Virginia.
  2. The autoclaves used by this laboratory are listed in the table below:


Location (Room and Building)

Department or PI responsible for Autoclave











  1. Training on the use of autoclaves will consist of the following and documentation of training will be maintained in the laboratory and will be available for review by BSO upon request.
    1. Appropriate PPE requirements such as the use of heat resistant gloves, lab coats, and safety eye and face protection.
    2. A discussion of the types of items that can and cannot be autoclaved.
    3. Proper packaging of biohazardous wastes for autoclaving.
    4. Methods for loading materials into an autoclave and unloading procedures.
    5. The use of test strips and biological indicators for quality control.
    6. Autoclave operational procedures including emergency shutdown precautions.
    7. How to dispose of autoclaved waste.
    8. Record keeping
  2. Maintenance and Testing of Autoclaves
    1. Department or PI responsible for autoclave must properly maintain and service.  If autoclave is owned by PI, then the PI must list service provider and frequency of preventative maintenance on autoclave.      
    2. Department or PI responsible for autoclave must occasionally quality test to ensure proper sterilization procedures are met and decontamination of biohazardous waste is complete. If autoclave is owned by PI, then the PI must list method of testing autoclave and frequency of testing on autoclave.
    3. Click here for a template that can be used to record biological indicator checks done on an autoclave.

    Adapted with permission from a biosafety manual from the University of Illinois at Chicago.