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Biosafety Officer
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Elizabeth Nicholas
Committees Coordinator
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IBC Chair

Dr. Michael Babcock
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Needlesticks and Other Infectious Exposure Procedures

If you or one of your employees is exposed to bloodborne or other infectious pathogens, by a needle-stick or other exposure, it is necessary to seek medical attention within 1-2 hours so that treatment is instituted within a timeframe that increases effectiveness.

Types of Hazardous Exposures

Percutaneous inoculation/puncture with blood or body fluid by a sharp instrument or sharp needle

  • Contact with blood or body fluid through fresh (less than 24 hours) cut or mucous membrane contact (e.g. splash to the eye or mouth, or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) or
  • Skin exposure involving large amounts of blood or prolonged contact with blood, especially when the exposed skin is chapped, abraded or afflicted with dermatitis.

Emergency Procedure

  • Administer first aid if necessary.
  • Call 911 from a campus phone (994-2121 from a cell phone) or seek medical attention.

If Spill Results in a Hazard Exposure ( i.e. face or eye splash, cut or puncture with sharps, contact with non-intact skin):

Wash exposed skin with soap & water, flush eyes for 15 min
Call 911 (994-2121 from a cell phone) or seek medical attention within two hours.

  • For urgent care, employees may go to Montana Occupational Health, 536 South Cottonwood, Suite 102, (406-556-1900, 9 am to 5 pm, Mon. through Fri.) or Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Emergency Room 24 hrs.a day (406-585-1000). If treatment through either of these facilities in unattainable for any reason, go to a chosen medical provider. When seeing a health professional regarding a work injury or illness, be sure to inform the billing person of this fact, so that billing will be directed to the MSU Workers' Compensation carrier. Also, ask your health professional to complete the Work Status Report.
  • As soon as possible following an exposure incident, the employee and/or supervisor must notify the Biosafety Officer, at 994-4490 and Safety & Risk Management at (406) 994-6888. The employee and their supervisor must complete a First Report of Injury or Occupational Disease form, to begin the worker’s compensation process.

A follow-up investigation will be initiated by the Biosafety Officer or Safety & Risk Management as to determine the circumstances of the event, and examine potential options to prevent future occurrences.

Additonal Information

There is no cost to the employee for medical services provided in these incidents.