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Current Graduate Students
Julie Alexander - Ph.D. student. B.S. in Biology from University of Mary Washington, VA and M.S. from James Cook University, Australia.
Kiza Gates - Ph.D. student. B.S. in Biology from University of Oregon, OR and M.S. from Montana State University, Bozeman.

Ryan Lamb- M.S. student. B.S. in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University, Bozeman.

Previous Graduate Students

Silvia Murcia- Ph.D. in Fish and Wildlife Biology 2007. Dissertation: Myxobolus cerebralis in Native Cutthroat Trout of Three Spawning Tributaries to Yellowstone Lake: A Qualitative Ecological Risk Assessment.

Stephanie McGinnis - M.S. Biological Sciences 2007. Thesis: An Analysis of Whirling Disease Risk in Western Montana.

Brett Marshall - Ph.D. student. B.S. in Biology and Chemistry with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and M.S. in Aquatic Entomology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute with honorable recognition from the Entomological Society of America.

David Richards, Ph.D. in Biology 2004. Dissertation: Competition between the threatened Bliss Rapids Snail, Taylorconcha serpenticola (Hershler et al.) and the invasive, aquatic snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum (Gray).

Chelsea Cada, M.S. in Biology 2004. Thesis: Interactions between the invasive New Zealand Mud Snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum, Baetid mayflies, and fish predators.

Leah C. Steinbach, M.S. in Biology 2003.  Thesis: Interactions among oligochaetes and a myxozoan parasite, Myxobolus cerebralis.

Richard Stevens, M.S. in Biology 2002. Thesis:  Invertebrate aspects of whirling disease.

Rebecca Krueger,  M.S. in Biology 2002.  Thesis: Correlations among environmental features, Myxobolus cerebralis infection prevalence and severity in oligochaetes, and salmonid infection risk in the Madison River, Montana.

Jason Jannot,  M.S. in Biology 2000. Thesis: Body size and sexual dimorphism in adult hydropyschid caddisflies.

Dennis Genito, M.S. 1996 in Zoology. Thesis:  A field and laboratory investigation of selective feeding by a predatory stonefly.  Awarded an Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award.

Past Undergraduate Student Employees


Ryan Richards designed and conducted experiments looking at the effects of rapid river stage changes on the endangered bliss rapids snail.

Ben Novack maintained our oligochaete cultures and made impeccable worm slides.
Kerri Lackey helped our graduate students with invertebrate sampling sorting.

Josh Epstein helped with threatened snails experiments.
Karlee Thorpe worked for one year in our lab helping with lab organization.

Prospective Graduate Students

There are currently no graduate student positions available.

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