Dr. Billie L. Kerans
Associate Professor of Ecology
Montana State University
Department of Ecology

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      Billie Kerans has been with Montana State University since 1996.  Her teaching focus has been in basic biology, stream invertebrate ecology and community ecology.  Her research here has focused mainly on the ecology of invasive species in the form of whirling disease from the invertebrate perspective, and the effects of the New Zealand Mud snail on the invertebrate community.

      Montana State University ~ Bozeman is located within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem represents a diverse, complex and interesting array of landscapes and organisms while supporting a western way of life. Consequently, this area provides a wealth of research opportunities. The ecology of the parasite Myxobolus cerebralis and New Zealand Mud snails are topics of concern for Dr. Kerans and her fellow collaborators within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 

       Dr. Kerans has been involved with a wide variety of research projects ranging from taxonomic detail in caddisflies, interactions between stonesflies and mayflies, the development of bioassessment protocol in stream sampling, parasite ecology of M. cerebralis and invasive species ecology of New Zealand mud snails. 


Dr. Billie L. Kerans
Montana State University; Ecology Department; 310 Lewis Hall; Bozeman, MT 59717

Phone : 406-994-3725  Fax: 406-994-3190  e-mail: bkerans@montana.edu  

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