Bobcat 4x4: An intensive format to help you advance to your degree

The 16-day summer course schedule will be intensive. Classes will meet four times a week for four weeks, with each class day covering a week's worth of material.

• 1 credit = 10 hours/week of class time and studying

• 6-credit maximum per 4-week session

Given the intensive schedule and time commitment, you should plan to take no more than one class in a Bobcat 4x4 session. To help you make the best of the summer session, many of the courses are offered across multiple sessions.

There are four Bobcat 4x4 sessions offered this summer:

May Session May 13 - June 7
June Session June 10 - July 5
July Session July 8 - August 2
Late Summer Session July 22 - August 16


Talk with your academic advisor prior to summer course registration. Advisors can help you consider your goals and determine which classes would best help you meet them while considering your prior coursework, progress towards your degree and commitments outside of the classroom.

Tutoring & Success Resources

Having a plan in place at the start of your summer session will help you manage your time and address potential challenges early. You will have access to academic advising and student success resources  including the Academic Advising Center, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success, the Math Learning Center, SmartyCats TutorsRenne Library, the Biology Learning Center and chemistry and physics learning sessions.

Attendance & Engagement

Plan for 30 hours of work per week for a 3-credit class.

Missing one class will be equivalent to missing a week's worth of course material. Demanding work or family commitments as well as travel/vacation plans that limit your attendance will greatly hinder your ability to succeed.


Continuing MSU students may register for summer courses when they register for fall courses.

New, transfer and summer-only students cannot register until they have been accepted to MSU and completed an advising appointment. Advising for those students is available starting Thursday, April 12. New and transfer students should meet with an advisor in their department, summer-only students should work with the University Studies Academic Advising Center.

Academic Standing, GPA, Grade Requirements

If you are on any form of academic probation or in need of a high grade in a critical course, you should fully consider your ability to succeed with the Bobcat 4x4 format. Courses will have demanding schedules and intense workloads within short timespans.

6-Week/12-Week Sessions

Many online classes and a few face-to-face summer classes will follow MSU's previous summer format of six-week sessions.

First 6-Week Session: May 13 - June 21 
Second 6-Week Session: June 24 - August 2
12-Week Session: May 13 - August 2

Some classes with unique needs might span longer time frames, as indicated in the Schedule of Classes found through MyInfo.