In addition to the 200+ courses offered through Bobcat 4x4, many online classes and a few face-to-face summer classes will follow MSU's previous summer format of six-week sessions. Courses with non-standard dates are noted. More information about 6-week or 12-week sessions can be found at


To see the most up-to-date list of course offerings, go to MyInfo.


Term Dates

Term Session Start Last Day of Term
May 4x4 May 13 June 7
June 4x4 June 10 July 5
July 4x4 July 8 August 2
Late Summer 4x4 July 22 August 16
First 6-Week Session May 13 June 21
Second 6-Week Session June 24 August 2
Full Semester May 13 August 2