TitleHamilton Hall Army ROTC Classroom Renovation Request Date2012-11-30
DepartmentArmy ROTC
RequestorMichael Lohrenz Phone(406) 994-6074
Campuses Bozeman Billings Havre Great Falls FSTS Extension MAES
Cross Depts  
Proposed Dates Start: 5/15/2013 End: 8/15/2013
Request funding for construction costs to combine two offices into one classroom that would allow for larger ROTC classes to be conducted in the department area. The current ROTC classroom only allows for approximately 20 students seated without proper egress in case of fire or emergency. By combining the two offices, the classroom would accomodate approximate 30-35 students, which is more appropriate for the largest class the department conducts. The old classroom is approximately 29'x12' and the new classroom would be 30'x19'.
"Objective S.2: Physical Resources. Enhance aesthetic appeal and functional quality of our MSU physical resources to support high quality learning, research, and work environments." The current Army ROTC classroom is not conducive to learning in a comfortable environment suited to maximize the use of technology and resources. The renovation of existing spaces would enhance the learning capabilities of students with additional space and flexibility for different teaching styles.
"Objective E.3: MSU students, faculty and staff will have increased opportunities for leadership development." Army ROTC has open enrollment campus-wide for the first two years to attract students into the best leadership program in the country. Army ROTC Cadets practice leadership every day through the activities they plan, execute, train, and assess. Larger classrooms can increase opportunities for additional students to gain exposure to Army ROTC, the more opportunities available for them to practice leadership during their college experience.
Funding Type: One-Time Only Funding Base (3-yr Recurring) Funding
  FY13 FY14 FY15 Base ($) OTO Startup ($)   FTE;
Materials & Supplies              
Contracted Services 85000             
Other Operations              
TOTAL 85000     
Please comment, if necessary, regarding cost and requirements.

The cost is based upon a rough estimate given by the Facilities, Planning, Design & Construction Department during the renovation of the first two floors of Hamilton Hall.  No exact estimate has been completed although the cost of renovating similar rooms on the second floor was approximately $114,000. 

Describe the Proposal

The goal of this proposal  is to improve the overall educational experience of Army ROTC and MSU students by creating an improved classroom space to allow more flexibility and to adequately accommodate our program’s classes and labs. 

The current Army ROTC classroom configuration does not provide the required classroom seating capacity or the instructional space needed and we can only accommodates two of our six class sizes in our current setting.  This directly impacts our ability to bring students into our program’s other facilities in Hamilton Hall, resulting in a reduction in overall student retention.  Additionally, the current classroom does not allow us to showcase our program or the university’s efforts to provide first-class instructional facilities during parent/student recruiting visits. 

The current classroom is long (29'x12') and narrow and will only accommodate 20 students comfortably.   Approval of this proposal will transform two other existing rooms (room 402 and 410) into one large classroom space, effectively accommodating 30 or more students.

The improvement of this new classroom from two current offices will require the removal of two closets which separate the two offices and the removal of an non load bearing wall.  New columns with a glulam beam would be installed prior to the removal of the closet walls to ensure structural integrity.  The improved walls will require sheetrock and tape to create a continuous finish throughout the room.   New lighting, wall switches and outlets, along with new ceiling grid will be required as well.  New paint to mirror the building and the installation of A/V equipment to Tier 2 levels and whiteboards will complete the project. 

Army ROTC is prepared to assist with labor as allowed, offsetting costs. 


Describe the broader impacts and benefits of this proposal

This larger classroom will allow classes to be conducted within the department area and will increase contact time that instructors have with the individual students.  The increased interaction helps to attract students to the program and allows the instructors to assist with any issues regarding school, finances, and personal life to ensure success in the college experience.  We have found that increased contact with different faculty ensures that students more likely to continue with ROTC and their educational experience at MSU.   The ROTC faculty spends countless hours counseling, guiding, and mentoring students on decisions regarding their military service, college, and life as responsible adults.  We develop individuals and groups by teaching and demonstrating the Army Values-Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.  These values are critical to ensuring we have the best military in the world, and by having more interaction with them, they see it being lived first hand.  Our ability to interact with these students affects their lives as a whole, not just what they chose to do as a profession.  We work diligently to ensure students stay on track to progress through college to graduate on time by reviewing their courses twice a semester and to ensure US Army Cadet Command can achieve the goals set forth each year to commission new lieutenants into the Army. 

The new classroom would align with the "MSU Classroom Design Guide" providing extended learning spaces for our ROTC Cadets in conjunction with the current adjacent rooms established for them.  They have access to several office spaces, a library, and a lounge type area which they use to collaborate throughout the day with other Cadets for ROTC and academic major coursework.  We find these areas allow opportunities for them to build bonds with other Cadets because of their shared experiences. 

This improved classroom space could be of great benefit to the university as well, providing additional class space for other departments use outside of ROTC’s scheduled classes. 

The classroom can be accessed via elevator for those with disabilities, but entrance and seating in the room would be challenged unless doorways are expanded as part of the improvement.  Our desire would be that the new classroom would come into compliance with ADA standards, so it could be used by a greater student population throughout the campus. 

Implementation Plan

Implementation of the plan will occur when construction begins, ideally May 15, 2013 and construction ends no later than August 15, 2013.

Assessment Plan

The primary metric of this improvement would be student retention percentages in the program as well increased enrollment numbers by new and existing university students.   This improvement will generate more program and university interest by parents and their potential students during visits as a result of having a state of the art classroom that exhibits the efforts of the university to provide first-class facilities.  Likewise, the overall quality of instruction and student comfort during classes and labs will be directly impacted by this improved space, increasing student grade point averages.



If assessed objectives are not met in the timeframe outlined what is the plan to sunset this proposal?

The proposal will be complete at the end of the construction period.  Objectives will be measured at a later date and reported back as necessary.


Department Head: James West (
Dean/Director: Brett Gunnink (
Executive/VP: Martha Potvin (