TitleCat Cruisers Request Date2012-12-17
DepartmentRecreation Center
RequestorTrey Alberda Phone605-207-0650
Campuses Bozeman Billings Havre Great Falls FSTS Extension MAES
Cross Depts Undecided
Proposed Dates Start: 2013 End: 2015
This plan will help with both enrollment and sustainability by providing a cheap alternative to a car. Having a bike rentals service will allow for more students to attend MSU who normally would have not been able because they could not find a feasible way to get around town. Increasing the amount of bike on campus will help to decrease carbon emissions that would be produced by student vehicles.
The installment of a semester long bike rental would substantially benefit the sustainable energy reach of the university while promoting and encouraging a healthy form of transportation. The bicycle rental would be based out of the recreation center and be available for a reasonable $30 dollars a semester. The price of the bicycles could be regained over time. The program wouldn’t just provide an easy and affordable bike for a student in need of one, it would create revenue for the university and recreation center. The University of Montana provides this commodity to their students; we believe that the same function on the Montana State University Campus would be even better.
Funding Type: One-Time Only Funding Base (3-yr Recurring) Funding
  FY13 FY14 FY15 Base ($) OTO Startup ($)   FTE;
Salaries 5000  5000  5000         
Benefits 5000  5000  5000         
Materials & Supplies 20000  20000  20000         
Contracted Services 1000  1000  1000         
Other Operations 1000  1000  1000         
TOTAL 32000  32000  32000     
Please comment, if necessary, regarding cost and requirements.

What we are propsing is simple. To create a fast and efficient way for students to get around campus. By using bikes students will be able to do so. With Cat Cruisers, students of MSU can get around quicker and with ease. They rent the bike out and can return it whenever up to a year. The only impacts would be maintaining thebikes. Besides that Cat Cruisers is a great Benefit to the MSU campus. Other Universites already have a similar program in place such as the University of Montana in Missoula, Norther Illinois University, and Illinois State Univeristy. both offer a free bike sharing program that gives a lock and helmet. In our proposal students would be able to rent bikes for up to a year for 30 dollars. These bikes would come with locks and lights. These bikes would be registered to each student using the serial number on the bikes. Once the transaction is over the student is then responsible for the bike, the lock, and the lights. IF the bike starts malfunction the can take it to the rental center for free repairs, The fee of 30 dollars per bike should be able to repair basic problems, i.e. broken hains, brakes, tires etc. bigger issues such as a bent frame or wheel may require a small fee. The repair fee is at the disrection of the recreation center depending on the severity of the problem. The students may keep the bike for up to a year. At semester students who haven't taken care of their bike and it is in a poor state may need to provide another 30 dollars due to repairs and fixes. If the bike is stolen the student has to pay the full price of the bike minus the 30 dollar fee previously paid. 

In this proposal there would need to be a system, either a computer proram or a hart written out that keeps track of eah students fees until the bike is returned. this system would be up to the people who rent out the bikes. Whichever system is better or the people actually using it is the one they'll use. Then teh remaining money will be put into a fund for more bikes or bike repairs and wages for employees at the rental center. Making this a sustainable form of bike rental for years to come. 

Describe the Proposal

Proposal Scope is written in the Cost and Requirements additional notes section. 

Describe the broader impacts and benefits of this proposal

A bike rental service would increase sustainablity and possibly decrease parking at MSU. 

Implementation Plan

Ordering, receiving, and making sure all the bikes are in workin order shouldn't take longer than the summer, making this plan able to be implemented by fall semester 2013. if that deadline can't be met for whatever reason it should be able to be up and runnin by spring semester 2014. 

Assessment Plan

Our goal is to make an easy way for students to get around campus. Indications that will determine if our proposed plan will succeed would be that after Cat Cruisers has launched, students will be taking full advantage of the system and using the bkes for their main form of transportation on campus, making it easy for them to get around. other indicators would be that the bikes are well maintained and the cost to maintain the bikes stays in the margin. An inication before Cat Cruiers launhes will be that we can get bikes in bulk for cheap that still function flawlessly and the storage of the bikes is also cheap. 

If assessed objectives are not met in the timeframe outlined what is the plan to sunset this proposal?

Once the rental service has done its job and provided a bike for students after a few years of adding bike and space for the bikes. The program should essentially run itself and require little to non supervison besides that of the employees and repairmen that work with the bikes first hand. 

Executive/VP: Kiah Abbey (