TitleInformation Resources for MSU-Wide use Request Date2012-11-30
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This proposal consists of two parts, MSU-Wide membership in HathiTrust and access to BIOSIS Citation Index backfiles. HathiTrust provides access to over 5 million books and over 200,000 journals in wide-ranging subject areas. HathiTrust’s mission “is to contribute to the common good by collecting, organizing, preserving, communicating, and sharing the record of human knowledge” and is primarily geared towards academic and research libraries. The BIOSIS Citation Index backfiles comprises the other part of this proposal. This life sciences-focused resource provides access, research, and discovery to 6,000 journal titles back to 1926.
Montana State University’s Strategic Plan sets overarching goals for the university and relies on the MSU community to contribute to its success. Describe briefly how your proposal addresses a primary objective from the Strategic Plan. If applicable, a second objective may be included.

This proposal addresses the Montana State University’s Strategic Plan primary Objective D.2: Enhance infrastructure in support of research, discovery and creative activities. By providing immediate access to these information resources, faculty and student researchers aid in their creative activities. Likewise, it contributes to Objective D.3: Expand the scale, breadth and quality of doctoral education by giving doctoral students more resources to inform their research and studies and resources to help in pursuit of grants, publication, and scholarship.
Funding Type: One-Time Only Funding Base (3-yr Recurring) Funding
  FY13 FY14 FY15 Base ($) OTO Startup ($)   FTE;
Materials & Supplies              
Contracted Services              
Other Operations       12591  26281     
TOTAL 12591  26281     
Please comment, if necessary, regarding cost and requirements.

BIOSIS Citation Index is OTO: $26281

HathiTrust Membership is Base: $12591

Describe the Proposal

Usage of print/physical information resources at the MSU Library is declining, while demand for and use of electronic resources continues to increase.  

A HathiTrust membership will keep us on-par with our peer institutions in providing access for our faculty, staff and students to e-books, e-journals, and other e-resources in a wide variety of disciplines and subject areas from anywhere with Internet access.  Current content includes:

  • 10,585,321 total volumes
  • 5,569,903 book titles
  • 275,855 serial titles
  • 3,704,862,350 pages

Many of HathiTrust’s member institutions (over 65 libraries and consortia) are Carnegie RU/VH level and having access to this database would help keep us competitive for the information resources our researchers expect.

The BIOSIS Citation Index is a partner resource to our existing Web of Knowledge citation databases, which are crucial in the sciences and social sciences.  Benefits include:

  • Find the first mention of plants, organisms, chemicals, or lab techniques in various life sciences fields.
  • Access high quality journal content as well as content from reports, reviews, and meetings
  • Discover high-impact article and related records that are based on shared references
  • Detect emerging trends that help pursue successful research and grant acquisition
  • Follow the history or methodology of a topic
  • See where top Life Sciences researchers are publishing and presenting findings
  • Identify potential collaborators with significant publication records
  • Ease searching, writing, and bibliography creation into one integrated process
  • Produce high quality papers that reflect how past work forms the context for today’s life sciences discoveries.
  • Get a comprehensive, yet focused, view of life sciences literature from a resource designed specifically for the biological community.  
Describe the broader impacts and benefits of this proposal

Membership in HathiTrust would create a net gain of 5,569,903 book titles and 275,855 journal titles available from any networked computer or device. (from  In addition, there is the potential to free up space in the Library for duplicate items contained in HathiTrust, thus providing areas for more dynamic, interactive uses such those found in the current Library Commons.

BIOSIS Citation Index would create a net gain of the following items from 1926-present:

  • 6000 Journals
  • All Biological Abstracts and Biological Previews content including journals, books, proceedings, patents, etc.
  • Over 22 million citations from life science journals, reports, books, meetings, conferences and patents
  • Intellectually Assigned Coding & Indexing
  • Cited Reference Searching         
  • Citation Reports & Data
  • Citation Maps
  • Times Cited Reports

More details on both databases can be found via their Web sites:

Implementation Plan

As soon as funding is approved, membership in HathiTrust and purchase of the BIOSIS Citation Index backfiles can occur.  These resources will be seamlessly accessible from MSU computers and off-campus via MSU credentialled-login. 

Assessment Plan

Usage statistics, including number of site-visits, articles accessed and downloaded, time spent on these web sites are all available as a part of the subscriptions/purchases. These statistics are good indicators of relavency for research. 

If assessed objectives are not met in the timeframe outlined what is the plan to sunset this proposal?

If usage statistics are low after the first and/or second year of usage for HathiTrust, then promotional/educational efforts will be ramped up in all colleges to raise awareness about this resource. If usage is still low at the end of the third year, then membership will be discontinued at the end of the contract year. BIOSIS Citation Index is a OTO cost, so we will have access to this resource regardless of usage. Still, if usage is low, we will work to promote this resource in the life-sciences areas.

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