Photo of BBCC Coach, Nadya Modyanova



Nadya Modyanova

BBCC Coach

Office: 110B Jabs Hall
Phone: (406) 994-1874

After many years of living, studying, and working in different places (Russia, Switzerland, France, UK, Portugal, and the United States), Nadya Modyanova discovered the last best place of Bozeman, MT. Here, she has been teaching English as a Second Language at the INTERLINK Language Center (previously known as the A.C.E. Language Institute), not only perfecting her own knowledge of grammar, writing, presenting, and teaching, but also helping international undergraduate and graduate students succeed in learning and applying different aspects of English language to their studies, work, and life. 

Now as a writing coach with the Bracken Business Communications Clinic, Nadya is looking forward to assisting students with all aspects of business writing.

Previously, Nadya completed a B.A. (First Class Honours) in Linguistics with Cognitive Science at University College London, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she carried out research on and taught about normal and abnormal child language acquisition and its genetics. While Nadya still wishes to get back to doing research on language development sometime, she hopes to continue teaching and coaching for now! In her spare time (what spare time?), Nadya likes to take advantage of the great outdoors and go hiking or cross-country skiing.


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