Photo of BBCC Coach, Rita Rozier



Rita Rozier

BBCC Coach

Office: 110B Jabs Hall
Phone: (406) 994-1874

Rita Rozier came to the BBCC, as she does most places, by the back door. Her science-based undergraduate work at the University of Colorado focused on recreation therapy, which allowed her to land, on graduation, a coveted position in mixology at Tom’s Tavern. Some years, one marriage, and two children later, she worked in newspaper production, easing gently from sales and advertising to writing and editing. Rita found newspaper work to be highly portable, and moved from Wyoming to Alaska to Montana. For her version of a midlife crisis, she enrolled in graduate school at MSU where she studied higher education, educational psychology, and communication skills. When pressed, she said the highlight of her graduate years was the student production of her one-act play, The Final Word. Armed with a doctoral degree, she then taught public speaking, writing, and learning strategies.

Rita began working with the BBCC in 2010. She says it’s a great job that allows her lots of down time to hike, bike, and garden. She adds, however, that her favorite indoor thing is working with student writers in search of precise wording. In addition to the JJCBE, Rita works online with doctoral candidates, editing dissertations, but notes, quietly, that she likes JJCBE students best.


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