International Fellowships

These awards are for students studying abroad or traveling abroad for academic purposes. 

The MSU Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (JJCBE) is once again pleased to offer fellowships to JJCBE students for international activities. In 2016-17, we awarded over $20,000 to 20 students studying in 12 different countries. We encourage any student planning a business education experience abroad to apply for funding assistance through the Bracken Center.

Application for International Fellowships

Criteria for Eligibility for International Fellowships

  • Major in business
  • Activity must involve travel to a foreign destination (outside the US and its territories) in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2018
  • Activity must have a substantial academic component (e.g. study abroad, internship, summer program)
  • Strong justification for participating in the activity, including a demonstrated commitment to international business education and professional development (should be demonstrated in your essay)
  • Enrollment at MSU during the term of your international activity (this can be arranged in a variety of ways)

Some (but not all) Fellowships also state a preference or requirement for:

  • A junior or senior student
  • A student pursuing an International Business Minor


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Internship Opportunities - There are many internship opportunities available for our students. Paid, unpaid, for credit and not-for credit. If you want credit for your internship experience, you must be formally admitted to the college of business. Internships are elective credits and you can only use an internship for 3 upper-division business electives. 

  • Register and familiarize yourself with
  • Read the Bracken Job/Internship emails 
  • Check the bulletin board outside of the Bracken Center (108 Jabs Hall)
  • Attend Meet the Business Recruiters, Career Fairs and Professional Development events hosted by the JJCBE
  • Talk to your faculty
  • Be involved in a student organization
  • Research organizations, industries and associations that interest you. Check websites for "Careers" or "Recruiting"
  • Consult The Bracken Center at

Remember, many internships turn into full-time job offers!