The JJCBE Center for Entrepreneurship started its entrepreneur in-residence (EIR) program as an additional resource for students in the Alderson Program in Entrepreneurship in the spring of 2011 with its first EIR, Gary Gannon. These seasoned entrepreneurs are brought in to act as mentors the Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (JJCBE) students.

This program provides one-of-a-kind mentoring and face-to-face interactions with successful entrepreneurs spanning diverse fields of expertise. During the week, entrepreneurs visit a number of classes to chat with students, answer questions and give constructive criticism on projects and presentations. They also hold office hours.

Latest Entrepreneur-in-Residence:

Jeanne Callahan


Past Entrepreneurs:

Gary Gannon

Rob Irizarry

Chris Mumford

Greg Ruff

Shannon Stowell

Steve Trautman











"More than Luck: Why Becoming an Entrepreneur is Not About Winning the Lottery"

Public Presentation: Wednesday, April 16 @ 6:15 pm
Location: Reid 108

Jeanne Callahan will discuss how people can create a focused approach for becoming an entrepreneur—even while a student. She will also discuss possible career paths that can lead to entrepreneurial opportunities, the benefits of adopting an entrepreneurial attitude, and will dispel the myth of being “lucky” with career choices and opportunities.

Callahan has experience working in the private, public, and non-profit sectors across a wide range of industries. For the first part of her career she worked for The Walt Disney Company, Fox Sports Net, AT&T, and several software startup entities, with an emphasis on developing sales and marketing strategies and writing business plans. While living in Denver between 1996 and 2012, she owned and operated a number of businesses, either on her own or in partnership with others. The businesses included a real estate development and construction company, a retail liquor store, a specialty metal fabrication shop, a landscape design and construction business, and a cabinetry business. While she credits the Fortune 500 companies with teaching her business planning skills and marketing savvy, she learned how to buy, sell, expand, and wind down small businesses through trial and error.

Under the auspices of a federal grant from the Economic Development Administration, Ms. Callahan designed and launched a women's entrepreneurship center at the University of Denver Women's College in 2011. The center became a physical and virtual hub for women-owned businesses in the Denver metro area. She later served as an Executive Business Mentor in the Real Business Experience program at Butler University while living in Indianapolis.

Ms. Callahan has an MBA from Columbia University in New York City and a BA in International Studies from Miami University of Ohio.

For more information about the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, please contact Scott Bryant, bryant@montana.edu.