"I honestly do not believe that I could have attained a better or more well-rounded education at any other university. The Center for Entrepreneurship gave me a chance to experience first hand all of the challenges and successes of starting a business and better understanding of management and marketing principles taught in business courses. My entrepreneurship experience is an item on my resume that interests employers I have interviewed with. It speaks volumes about the wonderful curriculum MSU has to offer its students."

-Molly Mason - Graduate
Kalispell, MT

"As I get closer to the end of my college experience I feel the business program at MSU has prepared me for my future, but my experience in the entrepreneurship class is one that really stands out. This class is unlike any other class I took at MSU and has given me more confidence in the skills I learned in the classroom and lets me put these skills to work in a job-like situation."

-Pete Conway - Graduate
Billings, MT

"This experience gave me real world, practical experience that you cannot get in a classroom."

-Tony Diberardinis - Graduate
Bozeman, MT

"My experience at the TechRanch & Center gave me an idea of what an actual start-up company needs to put together to market its product. No textbook can begin to teach this. The depth and breadth of data required was astounding. I felt the brown bag seminars were like getting to go to a college class for free. They were very interesting and I tried to attend as many as possible."

-Linda Ward - Graduate
Bozeman, MT

"I thought the class was a great opportunity for us as students to get some hands-on experience working with start-up companies. The insight gained from this class will come in handy in the future."

-Josh Norland - Graduate
South Dakota