JJCBE Committees 2017-18








Current Members (Chair in Bold)

Academic Programs Committee


1 TT faculty elected by each option (total 4) (3 year terms; initial terms staggered)

1 NTT faculty member elected by NTTs (2  year term)

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, chair ex officio

Director, OSS, ex officio


Myleen Leary, ex officio

Mary Burns, ACTG

Jerry Carvalho, NTT

James Lin, BFIN

Amber Raile, BMGT

Brent Rosso, Eship

Christine Sung, BMKT

Brenda Truman, ex officio

Kregg Aytes, ex officio

Accounting Internship Oversight Committee

Elected by ACTG faculty

Mary Burns

Christie Johnson

NTT Faculty Representative

Elected by NTT faculty (2 year term)

Jerry Carvalho, 2017-2019

AoL Committee







Myleen Leary, ex officio

Bill Brown

Agnieszka Kwapisz

James Lin

Amber Raile

Mike Shaw

Graduate Student Appeals Board

MPAc Director

Marc Giullian

International Committee

Voluntary.  In process fall 2015.


JJCBE Club/Org Advisors





Accounting/Beta Alpha Psi: Steve Ault

Finance: Gary Caton

International: Lori Lawson

Management: Robyn Chupka

AMA: Eric Van Steenburg

Entrepreneurship: Linda Ward

Social Impact/Enactus: Lenka Beranova

MPAc Council



Elected by ACTG faculty


Anne Christensen

Marc Giullian

Angela Woodland

MUS Inter Unit Benefits Committee


Frank Kerins, 2012-

MSU Benefits Committee


Frank Kerins (chair), 2011-

MSU Classroom Committee


Scott Bryant

MSU Curriculum & Programs Committee


Nate Jeppson (2016-2018)

MSU Faculty Affairs

Elected by faculty

Marc Giullian (elected in February 2015 to fill out Jim Oakley’s term ending 2017)

MSU Faculty Senate

Elected by faculty

Bill Brown (term ends 2017)

Alternate: Laura Black (term ends 2017)

MSU Graduate Council


Marc Giullian

MSU Grievance Committee

Elected by TT faculty

Scott Bryant (terms ends 2017)

MSU Honorary Degree


Andreas Thorsen (term ends 2019)

MSU Library Committee


Wait for request

MSU Library Representative


Wait for request

MSU Online Advisory Committee


 Virginia Bratton

MSU P&T Committee


Scott Bryant (2016-2019)

MSU Planning Council


Myleen Leary

MSU Research Council


Andreas Thorsen

Promotion & Tenure Committee


5 tenured faculty members

3 elected by TT faculty (3 year terms)

2 appointed by Dean (1 year terms)


Bill Brown, 2015-2018

Virginia Bratton, 2016-2019

Gary Caton, 2017-2020

James Lin, 2017-2018

Bonita Kramer, 2017-2018

Scholarship Committee

Appointed by Dean

Tia Brown, ex officio, Chair

Tim Alzheimer

Mary Burns

Brent Rosso

Omar Shehryar

Elizabeth Schmidt, ex officio

Brenda Truman, ex officio

Strategic Initiatives Committee/Option Coordinators





Appointed by Dean (Option Coordinator from each option)

NTT Representative

Kregg Aytes, Dean

Graham Austin, BMKT

Tia Brown, Director of Operations

Gary Caton, BFIN

Myleen Leary, Interim Associate Dean

Amber Raile, BMGT

Mike Shaw, NTT Rep

Brenda Truman, OSS Director

Angela Woodland, ACTG