*Publications published before 2011 may be listed under each individual faculty in the directory.

Dr. Graham Austin

Dr. Laura Black

  • "Learning from Our GWAS Mistakes: From Experimental Design to Scientific Method," Biostatistics, 13 (2): 195-203. doi:10.1093/biostatistics/kxr055 (2012)
  • "Using Visual Representations as Boundary Objects to Resolve Conflict in Collaborative Model-Building," Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 29: 194-208.doi: 10.1002/sres.2106. (2012)

Dr. Virginia Bratton

  • "To cheat or not to cheat?: The role of personality in academic and business ethics," co-authored with C. Strittmatter, Ethics and Behavior, 23 (6), 427-444. (2013)
  • "The impact of emotional intelligence on accuracy of self-awareness and leadership performance," co-authored with F.W. Brown and Nancy Dodd, Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 32, 127-149. (2011)

Dr. F. William "Bill" Brown

  • "Understanding the Nature and Determinants of Critical Thinking Among Senior Business Undergraduate Students," co-authored with Agnieszka Kwapisz, Journal of Education for Business, 90  (7), 359-368. (2015)
  • "Organizational Change and Development: The Efficacy of Transformational Leadership Training," co-authored with D.R. May, Journal of Management Development, 31 (6), 520-536. (2012)
  • "Interpreting standardized assessment test scores and setting performance goals in the context of student characteristics: The case of the major field test in business," co-authored with Agnieszka Kwapisz and Richard Semenik, Journal of Education for Business, 87 (1), 7-13. (2012)

Dr. Scott Bryant

  • "Major Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing in Emerging Economies: A Theoretical Study," International Journal of Management and Human Resources. (2017)
  • "An Empirical Study of Emotional Intelligence and Stress in College Students," co-authored with T. Malone, Business Education & Accreditation Journal, 7: 1-11. (2015)
  • "Sub-national Institutions, Export Strategy, and Firm Performance: A Multilevel Study of Private Manufacturing Firms in Vietnam," co-authored with T. Nguyen and N. Bich, Journal of World Business, 48: 68-76 (2013)

Dr. Gary Caton

  • "Governance and Post-Repurchase Performance," co-authored with Jeremy Goh, Yen Teik Lee, and Scott Linn, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming. (2016)
  • "Earnings Management and Seasoned Bond Offerings: Do Managers Mislead the Bond Market?," co-authored with Chiraphol Chiyachantana, Chua Choong Tze, and Jeremy Goh, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 46 (3): 687-708 (2011)

Dr. Anne Christensen

Dr. Edward Gamble

  • "Going pro-social: Extending the individual-venture nexus to the collective level," co-authored with Parker, Moroz & Branzei, Journal of Business Venturing, Forthcoming
  • "Certified B corporations and the growth penalty," co-authored with Parker, Moroz & Branzei. Academy of Management Discoveries. Forthcoming
  • "Bang for buck' in microfinance: Wellbeing mentorship or business education?" Journal of Business Venturing Insights. 9, 137-144 (2018)
  • "Imprinting with purpose: New pro-social opportunities and B Corp certification," co-autored with Parker, Moroz & Branzei, Journal of Business Venturing, 33(2), 117-129. (2018)
  • "Spiritually informed not-for-profit performance measurement," co-authored with Haley Beer, Journal of Business Ethics, 141(3), 451-468. (2017)
  • "The case for competition: learning about evidence-based management through case competition," co-authored with Blake Jelley, Academy of Management Learning & Education, 13(3), 433-445 (2014)
  • "Unpacking not-for-profit performance," co-authored with Peter Moroz, Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 5(1), 77-106. (2014)

Dr. Nate Jeppson

  • "Defining and Quantifying the Pension Liabilities of Government Entities in the United States," Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance: v. 29 i. 1 p. 98-106. (2018)
  • "Innovation Focused Strategy and Earnings Management," Economic and Business Review: v. 19 i. 1 p. 19-49. (2017)

Dr. Bonita Peterson Kramer

Dr. Agnieszka Kwapisz

  • "Triggers of Organizational Change: duration, previous changes, and environment," RJCM Journal of Change Management, 29: 14(3), 405-424. (2014)
  • "Effects of State Policies on Small Firms R&D," Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, 2014(4)
  • "Differential Gender Performance on the Major Field Test—Business," co-authored with F. William Brown, Journal of Education for Business88(3): 159-166. (2013)
  • "Is Higher Better?  Determinants and Comparisons of Performance on the Major Field Test-Business," co-authored with F. William Brown and Richard Semenik, Journal of Education for Business, , 87 (3): 159-169. (2012)
  • "Published, not Perished, but Has Anybody Read It? Citation success of finance research articles," Applied Financial Economics, 22(20):1679-1695. (2012)

Dr. Amber Raile

  • "Competent workplace communication: Analyzing, developing, evaluating," Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt. (2014)
  • "Defining public will," co-authored with E.D. Raile, C.T. Salmon, and Lori A. Post, Politics & Policy, 42, 103-130. doi: 0.1111/polp.12063. (2014)

Dr. Brent Rosso

  • "Expounding the relationship between playfulness and creativity in work teams: A conceptual model," Journal of Creativity and Business Innovation: v. 2 p. 127-143. (2016)

Dr. Omar Shehryar

Dr. Christine Sung

  • "Department vs. Discount Store Patronage: Effects of Self-image Congruence," Journal of Consumer Marketing. (2018)
  • "Special Holiday Mobile Advertising," Digital Enterprise Computing 2017. Gesellschaft für Informatik: v. 17

Dr. Andreas Thorsen

  • Improving Air Force Enterprise Resource Planning-Enabled Business Transformation, co-authored with J. Riposo, G. Weichenberg, C. Duran, B. Fox, and W. Shelton, RR-250-AF, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA. (2013)
  • "Robust Optimization Model for a Dynamic Network Design Problem Under Demand Uncertainty," co-authored with B. Chung, T. Yao, and C. Xie, Networks and Spatial Economics, 11(2): 371-389. (2011)

Dr. Eric Van Steenburg

  • "Areas of Research in Political Advertising: A Review and Agenda," International Journal of Advertising, 34 (2), 195-231. (2015)
  • "When Partnership Benefits Mitigate Power Asymmetry," co-authored with Kirsten Cowan and Audhesh K. Paswan, Industrial Marketing Management, 48, 140-148. (2015)
  • "Self Referencing and Political Candidate Brands: A Congruency Perspective," co-authored with Francisco Guzmán and Audhesh K. Paswan Journal of Political Marketing, 14 (1/2), 175-199. (2014)
  • "Point of Purchase or Point of Frustration? Consumer Frustration Tendencies and Response in a Retail Setting," co-authored with Nancy Spears and Robert O. Fabrize, Journal of Consumer Behaviour12 (5), 389-400. (2013)
  • "Consumer Recall of Brand Versus Product Banner Ads," Journal of Product & Brand Management21 (6), 452-464. (2012)

Dr. Angela Woodland

Dr. Lisa Yang