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Building Abbreviations

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ABB   Animal Bioscience Building
AJ AJM   A.J.M. Johnson Hall
Q1,Q2,Q3 QUAD   Atkinson Quadrangle Residence Halls (Quads)
BBOX THTR   Black Box Theatre
TC     Bobcat Tennis Center
BF BFH   Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
CR CHBCH CBB Chemistry/Biochemistry Building
CH CHVR   Cheever Hall
CB COBH   Cobleigh Hall
CU     Culbertson Hall
DF     Danforth Chapel
EP EPS   Engineering and Physical Sciences Building
FD     Foundation and Alumni Center
GA GH   Gaines Hall
HM HAM   Hamilton Hall
HA HANH   Hannon Hall
HR     Hapner Hall
HY HAYH   Haynes Hall
HK HH   Herrick Hall
HD HOWH   Howard Hall
HU     Huffman Building - MSU Security and Police Station (Roy E Huffman Building)
JC JNST   Johnstone Center
LG     Langford Residence Hall
LW LEWH   Lewis Hall
LJ JONH   Leon Johnson Hall
LN LINH   Linfield Hall
HFC PEC   Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center
MC MCH   McCall Hall
MR MSP   Miller Livestock Pavilion
MO MBB   Molecular Biosciences Building
MT MH   Montana Hall
MU     Museum of the Rockies
HN     North Hedges Residence Hall
RE     North Hedges Suites
RW     North Hedges Suites (West)
PB PBS   Plant Biosciences Building
PG PLGR   Plant Growth Center
PP     Plew Building
RD REID   Reid Hall
RN RLIB   Renne Library
RB ROBH   Roberts Hall
RM ROM   Romney Gym
RK     Roskie Hall
SB     S.O.B. Barn
SR     Safety and Risk Management
SK SHER   Sherrick Hall (Anna Pearl Sherrick Hall)
HS     South Hedges Residence Hall
SU SUB   Strand Union Building
SW SHC   Swingle Health Center
TA TAYH   Taylor Hall
  TCE   Temporary Classroom East
  TCW   Temporary Classroom West
AR     Tietz Hall
TP TRAP   Traphagen Hall
VC VCB   Visual Communication Building
WN WIL   Wilson Hall
WL     Wool Lab