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Schedule Set-up Instructions

  • There are two types of schedule:
    • Preselect – Students have at least 2 weeks to submit resumes.  Employers then have 2 days to prescreen the submitted resumes to select which students they want to interview.  The selected students then sign up on the schedule.  The advantage to a preselect schedule is the ability to preview the candidates and select only the ones most qualified.  The disadvantage is the candidate pool may be small and the schedule light.
    • Open – Students who meet the employer’s basic requirements (major, graduation date, etc.) have a minimum of 2 weeks to sign up directly on a schedule.  The advantage to an open schedule is the potential for more candidates to interview.  The disadvantage is the commitment to interview candidates that may not be as qualified as the employer might prefer.
  • If a preselect-type schedule is desired, a minimum of 4 weeks' notice is necessary to allow time for the announcement of your visit, collection of student materials, and interview sign-ups.
  • If less than 4 weeks' notice is given, it is necessary to create an open-type schedule.

In the event that your schedule is not full at one week prior to the interview date, we recommend it be opened to allow students who meet your minimum requirements to sign up.  Please let us know if you would like your schedule opened at that point.

Please follow the steps below to begin the schedule set-up process: 
Browse to .    

1) Enter your user name and password if you are already registered and then click the login button.  New users will need to choose the “Click here to register!” link.  Search for your company and then create a profile if necessary.  Once Career, Internship & Student Employment Services activates your profile you will be able to complete the following:    

2) Hover over the On-Campus Recruiting button at the top of the page and select
New Schedule Request from the drop down menu.  Do not enter this information under Jobs.

3) Enter all the information in the required fields and any additional fields you find appropriate. 

4)  Complete as many fields in the Requirements section to help screen for qualified candidates.

In the Interview Request Preferences section you will be able to request Schedule Type and Preferred Interview Dates.  Enter the remaining fields so Career, Internship & Student Employment Services can finish processing your request as quickly as possible.  Be sure to click the Save button.

In this section you will also be able to request an information session.  Please indicate what date and time of day you prefer.  Scheduling is dependent upon room availability.  If your request can be accommodated, Career, Internship & Student Employment Services will send you a form for ordering audio/visual equipment and/or catering. 

Career, Internship & Student Employment Services will confirm your request. 

Once the schedule set-up process is complete, you will log on to the system to check for interview requests and/or sign-ups. 

  • Go to On-Campus Recruiting, then select Schedule List.  Click the blue link to open the schedule. 
  • The Timeline section after Posting Information is where you will find important dates.  If you have a preselect schedule type, your deadline to make your selections will display there. 
  • If you have chosen a preselect schedule type, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Manage List.  This is where you will make preselections.  Once your preselect deadline has passed, the Manage List link will go away. 
  • To check your interview schedule, click the blue interview date link.

If you have difficulty with the system, or have questions, please contact Career, Internship & Student Employment Services at 406-994-4353.