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Carina N. Beck, Ed.D.

exc·e·ed grant

Career, Internship & Student Employment Services is pleased to offer the exc·e·ed grant program. The program is specifically designed to encourage MSU Bozeman students to seek out and participate in quality internships, foster career exploration and build upon academic studies. Our goal is to help alleviate some of the financial burden associated with unpaid internships or internships where the student is asked to pay to participate.

By breaking down financial barriers, pathways to success are created for our students. The exc·e·ed program will facilitate internship opportunities that will advance students' career development through meaningful exposures to career fields of interest.


Applied for, secured, or currently working in an internship with an organization.
Registered student and Montana State University - Bozeman in good standing.
Represent MSU in a professional and enthusiastic manner.

Please attach the following:

A resume.
A personal statement describing:

Your career goals.
Financial need and how this internship and funding would benefit your personal professional goals.
The impact of this grant on your ability to participate in this particular internship opportunity [two page max].
Proof of enrollment at Montana State University - Bozeman.
A letter recommending you for the program from a Faculty Advisor or Internship Site Supervisor.

Upon securing an exc·e·ed grant, you must:

Write a paper approximately halfway through your internship.
Write a final paper summarizing your internship experience and knowledge outcomes.

Application Process

Learning Agreement
& Application (required)

All exc·e·ed applicants must fill out the Learning Agreement & Application even if a Pre-Application has been approved.

Learning Agreement and Application

Pre-Application (if applicable)

In some situations, confirmation of an exc·e·ed grant may be necessary before a student can apply for an opportunity. Please submit this form if this is the case. The full application will be requested upon securing the internship opportunity.

Pre-Application Form

Application Deadlines

Spring 2015:
December 5, 2014

Summer 2015:
April 3, 2015

Fall 2015:
July 17, 2015

Early applications will be considered before the final application deadline.
Notification of acceptance will occur at the end of the academic term.

Please submit your completed application and all accompanying documents to
Career, Internship & Student Employment Services, 177 Strand Union Building. Please email or call 406.944.4353 with any questions.