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College of Letters & Science

Anthropology (BS)
Biological Sciences (Ecology)
 *Biological Sciences (Ecology)(MS,PhD)
 *Biology Teaching Option (BS)
 *Ecology and Evolution Option (BS)
 *Ecological & Environmental Stats (MS)
 *Ecology & Environmental Sci (Interdisc)(PhD)
 *Fish & Wildlife Biology (PhD)
 *Fish & Wildlife Mgmt Option (BS,MS)
 *Land Rehabilitation (Interdisc)(MS)
 *Organismal Biology (BS)
Cell Biology & Neurosci (BS,MS,PhD)
  *Biological Sciences (MS,PhD)
  *Biomedical Sciences Option
   (Includes Pre-med, Pre-dent,   
    Pre-optometry) (BS)
  *Cell Biol & Neurosci Option (BS)
  *Neuroscience (MS, PhD)
 Chemistry and Biochemistry (BS,MS,PhD)
 *Biochemistry Option (BS,MS,PhD)
 *Chemistry Option (MS,PhD)
 *Chemistry Professional Option (BS)
 *Chemistry Teaching Option (BS)
Earth Sciences (BS,MS,PhD)
 *Earth Sciences (MS,PhD)
 *Geography Option (BS,MS)
 *Geohydrology Option (BS)
 *Geology Option (BS,MS)
 *GIS/Planning (BS)
 *Land Rehabilitation (Interdisc)(MS)
 *Paleontology (BS, MS, PhD)
 *Snow Science (BS, MS, PhD)
Economics (BS,MS)
 *Economics (BS)
 *Applied Economics (MS)
English (BA,MA)
 *English (MA)
 *English Teaching Option (BA)
 *Literature Option (BA)

History (BA,MA,PhD)
 *History Option (BA,MA,PhD)
 *History Teaching Option (BA)
 *Japan Studies Option (BA)
 *Religious Studies Option (BA)
 *Sci, Envrnmnt, Tech, & Society (BA)
Mathematics (BS,MS,PhD)
 *Applied Mathematics Option (BS)
 *Mathematics Option (BS,MS,PhD)
 *Mathematics Education (MS)
 *Mathematics Teaching Option (BS)
 *Statistics Option (BS,MS,PhD)
Microbiology (BS,MS,PhD)
 *Biotech: Microbiol Syst Option (BS)
 *Environmental Health Option (BS)
 *Medical Laboratory Science Option (BS)
 *Microbiology Option (BS,MS,PhD)
Modern Languages & Lit (BA)
 *French, German, & Spanish Options
  in commerce and in Education (BA)
Native American Studies (MA)
Philosophy (BA)
 *Philosophy Option (BA)
 *Philosophy & Religion Option (BA)
Physics (BS,MS,PhD)
 *Interdisciplinary Option (BS)
 *Physics (MS, PhD)
 *Physics Teaching Option (BS)
 *Professional Option (BS)
Political Science (BA,MPA)
 *International Relations Option
 *Master of Public Administration (MPA)
 *Analysis & Policy (BA)
Psychology (BS,MS)
 *Applied Psychology Option (BS)
 *Psychological Science (BS,MS)
Sociology (BS)
 *Sociology Option (BS)

nd = non-degree