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Interview & Info Session Attire

Attire Categories

Here are MSU Career, Internship & Student Employment Services we understand that there might be some confusion to which dress attire is appropriate, so here are some guidelines to what each category means:

  • Professional – This is the most conservative and traditional of all the categories. When dressing in a professional manner wear: pants suits, blazers, ties, a-line skirts, button-up shirts, professional slacks, black or brown dress shoes or heels.
  • Business Casual – This type of attire is more of a relaxed business look. You should present yourself by making good apparel choices by wearing: polos or shirts with collars, shirts tucked in, khakis, casual slacks, good looking leather shoes, cardigans, and sweaters.
  • Campus Attire – This is your everyday type of dress. Clothing such as: sweatshirts, sweatpants, baggy or ill-fitting jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, cut-offs, tank-tops, low-cut or too short of shorts and skirts will make a memorable impression probably, but not the kind that will land you an internship or job.