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Freshman Year Action Plan

Self Assessment And Career Planning
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach in Career, Internship & Student Employment Services to discuss choosing a major/career.
  • Take the Strong Interest Inventory to discover your interests and how they compare with successful individuals in the work force.
  • Begin using a computerized career guidance system (MCIS) to explore your interests, abilities, and work values.
  • Read about career options: materials are available in the Resource Library in Career, Internship & Student Employment Services and online.
  • Explore courses that interest you; talk to academic advisors about the majors you are considering.
  • Attend the annual career fairs in the fall and spring to learn what employers are seeking in new employees and what minors and elective courses might be useful in planning your academic career.
  • Use previous years' Graduate Surveys to identify career positions alumni have accepted by major, employers who hired them, locations, and entry level salaries.
  • Collect, analyze and evaluate information about yourself to aid in identifying  career positions consistent with your personality, abilities, aptitudes, values, interests, academic training, past work and life experiences.
  • Enlist the aid of faculty, advisors, counselors, administrators, and friends. Review various career and business publications.
  • Create your personal career action plan, development, and job search. Insert your career planning exercises, notes on short-term and long-term goals and other notes regarding your progress into your log on a regular basis. Include in your plan the answers to the following key questions:
    •  What can I do?
    •  What do I want to do?
    •  What do I need to do to develop myself further? 
    •  How can I get the job I want after graduation?
  • Acquire work experience through a summer job to develop skills and a strong business and work ethic.