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Graduate Year Action Plan

Prepare for Graduate School
  • Participate in student activities or volunteer work in order to gain leadership and develop your organizational, public speaking, writing and other relevant skills.
  • Visit the Career, Internship & Student Employment Services office to research graduate schools in your chosen field, use MCIS, or the Peterson's Guides to Graduate Study.
  • Request catalogs and application forms from the graduate programs of your choice by early fall. Also request information about specific departments, including major research interests among faculty, as well as financial aid information.
  • For specific questions or concerns regarding professional schools, visit pre-law, pre-med and other pre-professional advising offices of the campus.
  • Sign up for, prepare for and take the appropriate graduate admissions test(s).
  • Visit graduate institutions of interest and talk to admissions representatives.
  • Have your application essays critiqued by a Career Coach, mentor, or departmental advisor.
  • Submit applications, official transcripts, and other required materials on time.