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Senior Year Action Plan

Job Search/Transition To Work Activities
  • Kick your job search campaign into high gear; commit yourself to a thorough search. Schedule interviews on campus and on-site with as many employers as possible.  Attend career fair in the fall and spring!
  • Make an appointment with a Career Peer to target your job search, critique your resume, and fine-tune your interviewing and negotiating skills.
  • Network! Network! And network some more!
  • Discuss career opportunities with faculty and counselors, friends, Career Counselors, acquaintances, network contacts, etc.
  • Identify companies and organizations that are actively recruiting job candidates.
  • Keep your career-planning log updated with interview results, assessments of how you performed during job interviews, and contacts made.
  • Consider and choose from among the various job offers you receive.
  • Accept the job that best fits your career and professional needs.
  • Let Career, Internship & Student Employment Services know of your job offers and which offer you decide to accept.
  • Develop a checklist of areas to address in making your transition from college to the work place.
  • Perform efficiently, be an effective team member, support your manager, and move upward in the organization!