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Pass/Fail Elective Courses

Undergraduate students may take some of their University elective courses on a pass/fail basis subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Students can elect the pass/fail option only for courses that are outside their departments and are not required for graduation. Pass/fail courses may not be applied toward completion of Core requirements. This restriction does not apply to HHD activity courses.

  2. A student may not register for more than one pass/fail elective course per semester, excluding one-credit HHD activity courses.

  3. Undergraduate students may take a maximum of twelve credits of pass/fail elective courses. This maximum does not include courses that are offered only on a pass/fail basis.

  4. Students register for pass/fail courses in the same manner as for other courses, but they must have written permission from their advisers, college deans, and the instructors of the course. The Registrar has forms for this purpose.

  5. Students may only change a pass/fail registration to a regular registration, or a regular registration to a pass/fail registration, prior to the end of the tenth day of instruction. Students will follow the regular drop-add procedures, except that students changing to a pass/fail registration must also secure the written permission of the instructor and adviser (see 4 above).

  6. Prerequisites will apply for all courses taken on a pass/fail basis.

  7. The instructor's requirement to obtain a grade of P in the course must be submitted with the Request for Pass/Fail form.

  8. The Admission and Graduation Requirements Board will review petitions for exceptions to the pass/fail policy.

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