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Courses are listed alphabetically by subject code. In addition to an actual description of the course, each listing includes course credit, mode of instruction and prerequisite, if any. While the semesters each course is offered are also shown (F-Fall Semester, S-Spring Semester, Su-Summer Session), consult the Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date information on course availability.

Accounting formerly ACCT
Agricultural Economics  
Agricultural Education  
Agricultural Science formerly parts of AG, LRES, & PSPP
Agricultural Technology formerly part of AGED
Allied Health
Allied Health - Medical Assistance
Allied Health - Medical Support
American Studies
Animal Science formerly part of ARNR
Anthropology formerly ANTH
Arabic formerly MLA
Animal and Range Sciences only graduate level courses
Art - Art History formerly part of ART
Art - Visual Arts formerly part of ART
Aviation Science Technology
Astronomy formerly part of PHYS
Biochemistry formerly BCHM
Finance formerly FIN
Biology - General formerly BIOL
Biology - Ecological formerly part of BIOL
Biology - Human formerly part of BIOL
Biology mostly graduate level courses
Biology - Micro formerly part of BIOL, LRES & MB
Biology - Organismal formerly part of BIOL
Big Sky Institute
College of Arts & Architecture
Computer Applications
Civil Engineering see also ECIV
Construction Engineering Technology see also ETTC
Chemistry formerly CHEM
College of Letters & Science
College Studies
Communications COMM is part of Gallatin College
Computer Science
Computer Science - Programming formerly part of CS
Dance formerly part of HHD
Interior Design
The Graduate School formerly The Division of Graduate Education
Engineering - Biological formerly part of CHBE
Engineering - Chemical formerly part of CHBE
Engineering - Civil formerly CE
Economics formerly ECON
Education - Curriculum & Instruction graduate level only; EDU for undergrad
Education - Elementary graduate level only; EDU for undergrad
Educational Leadership
Education - Secondary graduate level only; EDU for undergrad
Education formerly EDCI, EDEL, EDSD
Engineering - Electrical formerly EE
Engineering - Environmental formerly ENVE
Engineering - General formerly EM, ENGR
Engineering - Industrial formerly I&ME
Engineering - Materials formerly MET and ME
Engineering - Mechanical formerly ME, MET
English - Graduate Level
Engineering - General graduate level only; EGEN for undergrad
Environmental Science formerly LRES
Equine Horsemanship formerly part of ARNR
Equine Science formerly part of ARNR
Earth Systems formerly ESCI
English as a Second Language
Engineering Technology - Civil & Construction formerly CET
Engineering Technology - Mechanical formerly MET
Fish & Wildlife Management
French formerly MLF
Graphic Design
Geology formerly GEOL
Geography formerly GEOG
German formerly MLG
Human Development - Child & Family
Human Development - Counseling
Human Development - Family Financial Planning
Human Development - Health
Human Development - Physical Education
Health & Human Development
History - Graduate Level
Horticulture & Landscape Design formerly PSPP
History - American formerly HIST
History - World formerly HIST
Intercultural Studies
Immunology & Infectious Diseases formerly VTMB
Information Technology Systems
Japanese formerly MLJ
Licensed Addiction Counselor
English - Literature formerly part of ENGL
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences graduate level only; see AGSC, BIOM, ENSC, GPHY & NRSM for undergraduate
Liberal Studies
Mathematics formerly MATH
Military Aerospace Studies
Microbiology graduate level only; see BIOM for undergraduate
Microbiology Environmental Health
Molecular Biosciences Program
Medical Science
Modern Languages
Museum of the Rockies
Military Science - Army
Master of Science Education
Media & Theatre Arts
Music - Education formerly MUED
Music - General formerly part of MUS
Music - Technology formerly part of MUS
Native American Studies formerly NAS
Nursing formerly N
Natural Resources Science & Management formerly part of ARNR & LRES
Nutrition formerly part of HDFN
Philosophy formerly PHIL
Physics formerly PHYS
Political Science formerly POLS
Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology graduate level only; see HORT for undergraduate
Psychology formerly PSY
Religious Studies formerly RELS
Computer Science - Software Engineering formerly part of CS
Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems formerly part of HDFN
Sociology formerly SOC
Spanish formerly MLS
Technology Education
Theatre formerly part of MTA
University College
University Honors
University Studies
Undergraduate Scholars Program
Fish and Wildlife Science & Management formerly F&WL
Welding Technology
English - Writing formerly part of ENGL
Women's Studies

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