Montana State University

Special Fees and Charges

Application Fee

A $30 application fee must accompany all applications for admission. This fee is not refundable nor is it applied toward the payment of any other fee. The application fee is honored for one year from the semester for which the student is applying.

Additional Fees Paid by Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Students

Graduate students or students who have already received one undergraduate degree (post-baccalaureate) will be charged fees at a higher rate than undergraduates. (Please see the Fee Schedule.)

Additional Fees Paid by Out-of-State Students

Resident or non-resident status for fee purposes is determined by Montana statutes and regulations of the Board of Regents. A copy of these regulations may be obtained by visiting or writing the Office of Admissions.

Students of legal age and minors whose parents have not established residence for fee purposes are required to pay the non-resident fees. See Residency Requirements for Fee Purposes.

Non-matriculated Fees

An adult not regularly enrolled at Montana State University may, with permission of the instructor, register for a non-laboratory class upon the payment of the same fees as students enrolled for credit. The person so registering may not participate in class discussion or take examinations. Applications for non-matriculated enrollment should be made through the Registrar, who will provide a form for approval by the instructor.

Auditor's Fee

Regularly enrolled students who register for courses without credit pay the same fees as students enrolled for credit.

Extended Studies

Extended Studies courses are open to regularly enrolled MSU students as well as non-MSU students. Courses of particular interest to MSU students are listed along with their fees on a special page in the Schedule of Classes. Many of these courses are offered during the evening hours to accommodate student schedules. For information contact the Office of Extended Studies at (406)994-6683, e-mail at or online at

Testing Fees

The Montana State University Testing Service administers certain testing and examination programs for which fees are charged. The fees are established by testing agencies (companies) other than MSU.

Nursing Students

Nursing students are charged a program fee each semester which covers such costs as mandatory liability insurance while taking clinical courses, pre-NCLEX testing fees, fingerprinting costs, specialized equipment and distance delivery support.

Costs for board, room and transportation will vary in relation to the facilities available in the community where assigned for upper division. If a students does not have a car, she/he must make arrangements for transportation.

Health Insurance

Students carrying four or more credits are automatically enrolled in the student insurance plan each semester. Students carrying fewer than four credits, spouses, and dependents must contact the Student Insurance Office if they desire coverage. Students wishing to apply for exemption from the insurance plan must do so on-line.

Complete information on student insurance may be obtained from the Student Insurance Office in the Swingle Student Health Center.

Special Fees and Charges for Foreign Students

An additional administrative fee will be charged to all foreign students who come to the University.

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