Montana State University

University Studies Program

The University Studies Program fulfills a variety of interests and needs at MSU. Most typically, freshmen choose University Studies when they are uncertain about a major field of study or want to explore a variety of curricula before making a final choice. Approximately one-third of entering freshmen choose University Studies as their initial curriculum.

Based on the student's interests, goals, and academic background, a University Studies academic adviser assists the student in the preparation of an individualized program to explore various areas and at the same time fulfill course requirements or electives in any curriculum. Required University Core courses are particularly well-suited for this purpose.

University Studies students have the opportunity to enroll in First-Year Seminar. This academic Core course focuses on helping students reach their academic and intellectual potential through a concentration on critical thinking, verbal and written communication, and collaborative learning.

Undergraduate students may take up to 60 semester credits (through the sophomore year) in University Studies before declaring a major, although they are encouraged to select a suitable degree plan well before the 60-credit limit.

The program also serves students who plan to pursue specialized degrees at other institutions but wish to take basic courses at MSU for one or two years before transferring.

Transfer students may enter University Studies to fulfill requirements and explore MSU degree programs before declaring a major.

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