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Latin American and Latino Studies

      A Latin American and Latino Studies minor (LALS) is available to provide students interested in Latin American and Latino history and language with valuable interdisciplinary skills. Because this is an interdisciplinary program, students will enroll in courses in History and Philosophy and Modern Languages. Courses in Sociology and Anthropology, as well as other departments with relevant course content, will also be allowed for credit subject to approval by the program coordinator. This minor will complement majors for students pursuing graduate school and professional programs in agriculture, engineering, history, literature, political science, sociology, international business, and more. The minor will also strengthen the skill-sets of students who wish to become more competitive in the Spanish speaking job market, either abroad or in the United States . A minor in LALS will prepare students for the close relationship developing between Latin American and the United States in trade agreements, the growing immigrant laborers, and the expansion of Latin American and Latino communities in the United States with significant political and economic power.

Those wishing to declare a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies must submit an "Application for a Non-teaching Minor" to the Registrar's Office by the end of the semester one year prior to the semester of completion.

The equivalent of four semesters of Spanish language is required. Students with prior experience in Spanish language may have some requirements waived. Students interested in the LALS minor should consult with the Modern Language Department immediately upon their decision to fulfill the minor so that they can ascertain the language requirements that are appropriate for them.

Required Courses Credits
SPNS 101--Elementary Spanish I    4
SPNS 102D--Elementary Spanish II    4
SPNS 201D--Intermediate Spanish I    3
SPNS 220D--Spanish Language & Culture   3
HSTR 130D--Latin American History    4
Elective Courses Credits

Select 12 credits from the following ( 6 from SPNS and 6 from History):

HSTR 232D or RELS 232D--Religion in Latin America    3
HSTR 330--History of Mexico    3
HSTR 434--Gen, Sex & Soc Chge in Lat Am    3
HSTR 430--Latin Amer Soc History    3
HSTR 431--Race in Latin America    3
HSTR 432--Colonel Latin America    3
HSTR 433 or SPNS 433--Latin American Perspectives    3
SPNS 416--Culture and Revolution    3
SPNS 330--Latin Amer Cult & Civ    3
SPNS 332--Contemp Latin Amer Literature    3
SPNS 335IH--Travel in Latin American Lit & Film    3
SPNS 361--Hispanic Texts & Cinema    3

Latin American Film and Industry (Costa Rica summer program)


Costa Rican History and Culture(Costa Rica summer program)

A total of 9 credits must be at the 300 or 400 level. This list may expand as other disciplines develop courses that contain a substantial Latin American or Latino component. Students wishing to count courses not listed here toward the minor should consult with the program coordinator.