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Religious Studies

Department of History and Philosophy

Religious studies is an area of academic inquiry combining several disciplines in the critical and comparative study of religion as a basic constituent of human culture. Its purpose is to examine religion by methods of historical, literary and philosophical criticism and the behavioral and social sciences. Courses in religious studies seek to acquaint the students with the results of such an approach to religion; they are based on methods intentionally devoid of advocacy of particular theological views.

The academic study of religion contributes to the student's general understanding of human history, literature, thought, and behavior. Religious studies offers a minor and its courses can be used as humanities electives in almost any curriculum. In addition to the Religious Studies Minor, a student may also choose a Philosophy and Religious Studies option or a History and Religious Studies option.


The minimum number of credits required for a non-teaching minor is twenty-one, with nine of those being upper-division credits.

Select one of the following:
     RLST 105--Intro to Study of Religion     3
     RLST 110--Religion, Conflict & Politics    3
Select one of the following:
     RLST 202--Asian Religions-Hinduism & Buddhism    3
     RLST 203-- Taoism to Zen    3
Select two of the following:
     RLST 204--Introduction to the Hebrew Bible    3
     RLST 205--Introduction to the New Testament    3
     RLST 206--Origins of God    3
     RLST 207--Myth and Metaphor    3
     RLST 217--Religion and Science    3
     RLST 220IH--Interpretations of Amer Religion    3
Select three of the following:
     RELS 320--Philosophy of Religion    3
     RLST 321--Gender and Religion    3
     RLST 325--Literature and Religion    3
     RLST 326--Mystics,Founders,Reformers    3
     RLST 330--Religion Ancient Egypt    3
     RLST 402--Natural,Unnatural,Supernatural    3
     RLST 405--Text and Image    3
     RLST 407--Isms Religion & Categories    3
     RLST 410--Psyche and the Sacred World    3

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