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Dates for Registration

The dates for registration each semester are published in the Registration Handbook, which is printed prior to registration and is available from the Registrar's Office. The Registration Handbook is also available on-line through the MyInfo link on the MSU Homepage.  Before the beginning of each semester, the Admissions Office mails acceptance letters to new students who have been accepted for admission, and the Registrar's Office mails letters to former students who have submitted Intent to Register forms. A continuing student in good standing will receive registration times and access information from academic departments. Information on registration and course offerings is also provided in the Registration Handbook.

Class Rolls

During the third day of University instruction and thereafter, those students who have registered but have not attended class may be required by the instructor to drop the course when space and/or equipment is limited and other students have requested to add that class. Students are not automatically dropped; this action requires a student-initiated drop/add form.

Final grades are due within forty-eight hours after the final examination in each course. No grade or credit will be given to students in courses for which they are not properly registered.

Students must pay all fees at the scheduled time of fee payment. (See semester Registration Handbook for fee payment times.)

Undergraduate Student Petitions for Registration and Reservation of Certain Courses

Undergraduate students may petition to register for certain graduate-level courses either to fulfill undergraduate requirements or to reserve for future application to a graduate program. Undergraduate students also may petition to reserve 400-level courses outside their undergraduate major for possible application to a graduate program. Reserved 400-level courses may be applicable to either the major or minor areas of a graduate program. A successful petition must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The student is of senior standing.

  2. The student has a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.25.

  3. All prerequisites for the course(s) have been completed.

  4. The course does not have "graduate standing" or an equivalent prerequisite.

  5. The student has not reserved more than nine (9) credits total of all 400- and graduate-level courses taken prior to completion of a baccalaureate degree.

  6. The petition does not include any of the following courses for either registration or reservation: 470, 570, 589, 590, 689, 690.

  7. The petition is filed prior to registering for the course.

  8. The student, through a petition, has received approval from the head of the department offering the course, the head of the department from which the student will receive the bachelor's degree, the instructor(s), and the Division of Graduate Education.

A graduate-level course approved by petition may be used either for fulfilling undergraduate or graduate program requirements, but not for both. The student must indicate on the petition form the intended use of the registered/reserved course credits.

Undergraduate senior students with financial aid should be aware that credits reserved for future application to a graduate program may affect their current financial aid eligibility.

Petition forms may be obtained from the student's departmental office or from the Division of Graduate Education.

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