Montana State University

MSU Leadership Fellows Certificate

The MSU Leadership Fellows Certificate,, administered by University College, challenges students to discover their true potential by developing ethical and critical thinking skills, leadership skills and leadership effectiveness. It is intended that these students will become effective agents of positive change in society.

16 total credits of leadership course work are required for the certificate. Four credits are the foundational and capstone courses: Leadership Foundations (UC 202, 3 credits) and Leadership Capstone (UC 302, 1 credit). Within both courses, students will practice leadership skills by engaging in 10 hours of community/campus service and participating in MSU leadership events.

The remaining 12 credits are fulfilled from the approved list of Leadership Electives. Students may take a maximum of 6 credits in their Major/Minor toward the Leadership Electives. This list of electives does change, so please ensure you have the most recent version by emailing Carmen McSpadden, Director of the MSU Leadership Fellows Certificate Program . Additional courses may be petitioned for approval by the program committee.

Students interested in pursuing the MSU Leadership Fellows Certificate will be asked to declare their interest prior to or at the start of UC 202. This declaration can be made by emailing During UC 302, students will complete an application to receive their certificate upon graduation. Also, MSU Leadership Fellow will be noted on their academic transcripts and may also be listed on the studentís resume.

Other requirements: 1) Earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in each course used to satisfy the certificate 2) No "credit by exam" may be used.
UC 202--Leadership Foundations3
UC 302--Leadership Capstone 1
Leadership Electives12


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