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Mechatronics Minor (non-teaching)

The College of Engineering offers a non-teaching minor in Mechatronics. The field of Mechatronics combines the principles of mechanical engineering with the principles of electronic instrumentation and computerized control. Mechatronics exploits the synergy of mechanical and electrical engineering to design unique and innovative electromechanical products, machines, robots, tools, and manufacturing processes.

The minor requires a minimum of 37 credits in specified subject areas: computer science, engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, and electrical and computer engineering (see table below).

CSCI 111--Programming with Java I     4
CSCI 112--Programming with C I     3 √*
EGEN 201--Engineering Mechanics-Statics     3 √*
EGEN 202--Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics     3 √* √*
EGEN 205--Mechanics of Materials     3 √* √*
EGEN 117--ME Design Graphics     1
EGEN 118--ME Design Graphics Lab     1
EMEC 320--Thermodynamics I     3 √* √*
EMEC 326--Fundamentals of Heat Transfer     4 √* √*
EELE 261--Introductions to Logic Circuits     3
EELE 262--Intro to Logic Circuits Lab     1
EELE 321--Introduction to Feedback Controls     4 √* √*
EELE 371--Microprocess Hardware & Software Systems     4 √*
Total for Minor (minimum) 37 22 18 19
Total for the BS degree with Minor (minimum) 141 135 139

¹A √ indicates additional courses required for the minor that are not required for the major.
* Course may also satisfy a professional elective in the major.

Students must receive a grade of "C-" or better in all required courses for the Mechatronics minor.

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