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Residential Building Performance


The 33 credit Certificate of Applied Science in Residential Building Performance gives students a solid foundation for work in a variety of occupations including energy auditor, installer and weatherization worker as well as occupations associated with green building, architecture and home inspection. The degree helps prepare students for four specific Department of Energy certifications: Retrofit Installer Technician, Energy Auditor, Quality Insurance Inspector, and Crew Leader. In addition the degree helps prepare students for private industry certifications offered through the Health Administration (OSHA), Building Performance Industry (BPI) and Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

  • Perform a blower door and apply pressure diagnostics to new home and retrofit construction.
  • Analyze HVAC systems for energy efficiency and safety concerns.
  • Calculate and interpret Air Changes Hour (ACH) for state and international building code.
  • Utilize Zonal Pressure Diagnostics (ZPD) to diagnose problem areas in a home.
  • Discuss the benefits of green building materials such as Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), metal roofing, and many others.
  • Leverage customer relationship management and building performance software, energy audit tools, and professional communication skills for a small or large residential construction business.
  • Meet OSHA and EPA safety requirements for the building industry.
  • Conduct combustion appliance draft testing or Worst Case CAZ testing for Carbon Monoxide dangers.
  • Recommend cost effective energy efficiency improvements for any home.
  • Utilize various energy audit software programs.
  • Utilize oral and written communication skills in the workplace, including technical terminology related to Building Science.

Fall Semester Credits
RBPF 100 -- Residential Building Performance Seminar (online) 1
RBPF 103 -- Weatherization Installer Technician 2
RBPF 110 -- Applied Energy Efficiency Math (online) 1
RBPF 116 -- Energy Applied Health and Safety 2
RBPF 121 -- Insulation Systems and Applications 2
WRIT 104  --Communication Skills in the Workplace (online)2
RBPF 124 -- Residential Green Design-Build (online) 2
RBPF 140 – Heating Systems for Energy Auditors and Inspectors2
RBPF 181 – Combustion Appliances (online) 2
Subtotal 16
Spring Semester Credits
COMX 102 – Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace (online) 1
RBPF 129 -- Manufactured Home Weatherization 2
RBPF 134 -- Single Family Energy Auditor 2
RBPF 160 -- Building Performance Software (online) 2
RBPF 170 -- Renewable Energy Concepts (online) 2
RBPF 189 – Building Performance Industry Certification Prep (online) 2
RBPF 198 -- RBP Internship 4
Subtotal 15


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