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Frances Lefcort, Ph.D.



BIOLOGY 491: Introduction to Pharmacology


Course Instructor
Dr. Roger Bradley
520 Leon Johnson Hall

Class Goals:  To give the student a basic understanding of the fundamentals of
pharmacology and pharmacodynamics. The class will be taught from the
perspective of how the major classes of drugs currently prescribed work on the
body, organ and cellular level. In particular, the class will stress how the drug
functions at the cell biology/physiology level, i.e. how the drug interacts with its
intended cellular target (i.e. receptor, ion channel, enzyme, etc.) to produce its effect on the body. We will focus on some of the major diseases and the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States. Students will learn to recognize the major categories of therapeutic medicines currently in use and their mechanisms of action.

Text: Principles of Pharmacology by Golan, Tashjian, Armstrong and Armstrong
You also have the option of buying the book in the bookstore or buying the e-book at:

Lecture Schedule

Topic Text
1. Introduction to pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics Chapt 1-2
MLK Day Holiday  
2. Pharmacology of dyslipidemia Chapter 19
3. Pharmacology of volume regulation Chapter 20
4. Pharmacology of vascular tone Chapter 21
5. Pharmacology of Pain - guest lecture Chapter 17
Exam #1  
6. Pharmacology of hemostasis Chapter 22
7. Pharmacology of cardiac rhythm/contractility Chapter 23
President’s Day Holiday  
8. Pharmacology of cardiac rhythm/contractility Chapter 24
9. Pharmacology of depression/anxiety – guest lecture Chapter 14
Exam #2  
8. Pharmacology of Asthma - student presentation Chapter 47
9. Drugs of Abuse - student presentation Chapter 18
10. Endocrine Disorders - student presentation Chapter 27 -28
Spring Break Chapter 30
11. Pharmacology of Diabetes - student presentation Chapter 41
12. Pharmacology of Inflammation –student presentation Chapter 34
13. Antibiotics - student presentation  
University Day Holiday  
14. Bone homeostasis - student presentation Chapter 31
15. Pharmacology of reproduction - Student presentation Chapter 29
16. Pharmacology of viral infections - student presentation Chapter 37
Final Exam  


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