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Research Overview

Transportation systems are essential to promote resilient and sustainable cities and towns. As population continues to grow and economy continues to expand, passenger and freight traffic will multiply on already constricted roadways. To accommodate these growing travel needs, transportation research focuses on the planning, design, and management of roadway resources to improve safety and efficiency and to encourage multimodal transportation. Currently, the transportation program of the CE Department, in collaboration with the Western Transportation Institute (WTI), is conducting research in the following areas:

•                       Traffic Safety and Operations

•                       Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

•                       Sustainable Transportation Planning

•                       Freight Transportation

The safety and ITS topics are concerned with questions such as where do traffic crashes concentrate and what countermeasures are most effective? How best to inform users of roadway incidence and broadcast real-time traffic information? The planning-oriented topics address questions such as where would be the bottlenecks of the freight network in the next ten years? How to reduce the safety and environmental consequence of growing freight demand?

Research is conducted in the Transportation and ITS Lab and the Transportation Graduate Lab. The former offers state-of-the-art traffic hardware and simulation software. The latter provides a suite of high-performance computers with ArcGIS and statistical software.

Representative Publications

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