Online applications

Application requirements

  • A completed bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (anticipated conferred degree is acceptable, however final transcripts will be required). A cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale is required.
  • A degree in civil engineering is desired, however if a background in another discipline, please see below for information regarding necessary remedial courses or Non-degree entrance option.)
  • Official transcripts for all conferred degrees.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Official GRE scores.  While an required component of the application, this program does not publish a require score. Rather, the GRE is used as a partnering review tool along with undergraduate grades in supporting coursework. Together, both are used  to suggest successful performance in post-graduate course work, research and resulting breadth of knowledge in the civil engineering field.   Montana State University Institution code is 4488. Please review GRE testing dates to insure timely submission of scores for your intent semester of application.
  • A goals statement.


Domestic Applicants: The following are the final deadlines for submission of complete applications by applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents (with fewer financial aid options than available at the priority deadlines):

  • July 1 to begin the following fall semester
  • November 15 to begin the following spring semester

International Applicants: Please review this link for information specific to applying as an international applicant, including deadlines. Please visit the Graduate School International Applications information link.

More Information About Prerequisites

Guidelines for admission are provided to assist you with you preparations for graduate work in Civil Engineering at Montana State University. Foundation course requirements or approved equivalents are listed below. Please note that applicants with less than 3 hours of course requirements may apply to the MS program and complete the outstanding remedial course concurrently with the graduate program. If more than 3  hours of foundation courses exist, please consider our non-degree program for curriculum preparation.

Calculus and Differential Equations

  • Calculus I (4 cr)
  • Calculus II (4 cr)
  • Multivariable Calculus (4 cr)
  • Introduction to Differential Equations (4 cr)

Three of the Following Engineering Mechanics Courses 

  • Statics (3 cr)
  • Dynamics (3 cr)
  • Mechanics of Materials (3 cr)
  • Mechanics of Fluids (3 cr)

University Chemistry and Physics

  • College Chemistry I (4 cr)
  • General and Modern Physics I (4 cr)

Five of the Following Topic Area Courses

  • Structures I (3 cr)
  • Construction Practice (3 cr)
  • Geotechnical Engineering (3 cr)
  • Engineering Hydrology (2 cr)
  • Engineering Hydraulics (2 cr)
  • Principles of Environmental Engr. (3 cr)