Adrienne (Adie) Phi llips, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Civil Engineering Department (CE)
and Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE)
Montana State University (MSU)
Rm 366 EPS Building
P.O. Box 173900
Bozeman, Montana 59717-3900

Phone: 406.994.2119

Professional Appointments

Aug. 2014-present Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering CE; MSU; Bozeman, Montana
July 2010-Aug. 2014 Research Engineer CBE; MSU, Bozeman, Montana
Jan. 2008-June 2010 Senior Associate Engineer ENVIRON International; Newark, New Jersey
Nov. 2004-Dec. 2007 Research Engineer CBE; MSU; Bozeman, Montana
Mar. 2001-Nov. 2004 Associate Environmental Engineer Fluidyne Inc.; Bozeman, Montana

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. in Engineering (Environmental) Montana State University  December 2013
Dissertation:Biofilm-induced calcium carbonate precipitation: Application in the subsurface
M.S. Environmental Engineering Montana State University  December 2003
Professional Paper:Development and analysis of a new trickling filter media for on-site wastewater systems
Bachelor of Arts Carroll College, Helena, Montana May 1998

Research Interests

  • Microbes in high pressure environments
  • Bioremediation
  • Biofilms in porous media
  • Fracture sealing
  • Biocements
  • Wellbore integrity

Research Funding

Aug. 17, 2015 | DOE Selects Nine Projects to Receive Funding for Carbon Storage Intelligent Monitoring and Well Integrity and Mitigation Research (Click the title to read the news release about the $2 million grant)

Nov. 6, 2014 | New Field Laboratories and Related Research To Help Promote Environmentally Prudent Development of Unconventional Resources (Click the title to read the U.S. Department of Energy's news release about the $1.5 million grant)



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In Review

  1. Phillips, AJ, Eldring, J, Hiebert, R, Lauchnor, E, Mitchell, AC, Cunningham, A, Spangler, L, Gerlach, R. (2014), A Meso-scale test vessel for the examination of biogeochemical processes at high pressure: A study of the treatment of hydraulic fractures, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, In review, Manuscript ID PETROL5988

Conference Proceedings

  1. Cunningham, A, Gerlach, R, Spangler, L, Mitchell, AC, Parks, S and Phillips, AJ. (2011), Reducing the risk of well bore leakage of CO2 using engineered biomineralization barriers, Energy Procedia, 4:5178-5185
  2. Cunningham, A, Phillips, AJ*, Troyer, E, Lauchnor, E, Hiebert, R, Gerlach, R, Spangler, L. (2014) Wellbore leakage mitigation using engineered biomineralization, Energy Procedia, Submitted (* Indicates equal contributor author)

Awards and Honors

Center for Biofilm Engineering Student Citizen Award July 2013
American Geophysical Union Outstanding Student Presenter Award December 2012

Courses Taught

Montana State University Civil Engineering Department

Instructor of Record, EENV 443: Air Pollution Control, Fall every other year; Credit Hours 3

Instructor of Record, EENV 445: Hazardous Waste Treatment, Fall every other year; Credit Hours 3