Mission Statement

Foremost, we will provide undergraduate education founded on a rigorous treatment of engineering fundamentals coupled with modern engineering tools.  We see competency in mathematics, physical science, and engineering mechanics, as crucial to our mission.

  • Provide graduate education opportunities in a majority of traditional civil engineering areas.
    • The department will maintain sufficient breadth to provide post-baccalaureate education focused on professional practice.
    • The department will provide graduate opportunities in a subset of focus areas coupled to vibrant research programs with sound external funding.


Montana State University's Department of Civil Engineering anticipates that the engineering and construction community will evolve quickly with several very fundamental precepts for success. Among these is the premise that the engineers and constructors of the future will continue to rely on fundamental engineering science and contemporary computational tools to guide their choices. We therefore choose to focus on fundamental engineering basics and the application of modern engineering tools.  Our civil and environmental engineering programs will be acknowledged for their strong emphasis and rigor in engineering science, design, and applications. Our construction programs will be acknowledged for their emphasis on engineering and management skills and the application of those skills to the construction industry.  The emphasis of these programs will continue to be preparation of students for professional practice in the engineering and construction industries.

Incorporating our vision into the traditional mission of a land grant institution leads to a strong emphasis on undergraduate education. However, in making this a substantial portion of our mission, we must also look beyond the undergraduate classroom.  To ensure a quality faculty, and up-to-date curricula, we must ensure a vibrant broad-based graduate program at the master's level and a smaller subset of specialty areas at the doctorate level.  A strong masters program also positions the department favorably for the possibility of future changes in professional degree requirements and is consistent with our vision for education at MSU.  The graduate program is essential to attract good faculty and provide for their professional development, and to provide opportunities for students interested in study beyond the baccalaureate degree.