Research Laboratories

SubZero Research Facility

This unique state-of-the-art research facility will foster synergy among the myriad of scientific disciplines.  The scientific and educational interaction that this facility offers will enhance MSU’s position as a premier research center focusing on the cold natural environment and identify it as a national and international center for subzero research. Funding for a low temperature research facility has been appropriated through the National Science Foundation – Major Research Instrumentation program, the Murdock Charitable Trust and Montana State University.  

Transportation and ITS Laboratory

The Transportation & ITS lab is used to support instruction and research in the various transportation engineering areas. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art workstations and many software packages for traffic simulation, signal optimization, capacity analysis and transportation planning (besides the more conventional general application and analytical software packages). The lab includes a conference table with multimedia equipment, which makes it ideal as a classroom for graduate courses and small group presentations.

The Transportation & ITS lab is equipped with most of the data collection equipment that are needed in performing traffic studies. The lab has an advanced traffic monitoring system, which allows online monitoring and investigation of study sites using surveillance cameras, mobile trailers, and a wireless communication system. Further, the lab has a complete set up for conducting hardware-in-the-loop signal timing simulation.