Michael Berry, Damon Fick, Joseph Fedock, Jerry Stephens


205 Cobleigh Hall



Research Overview

As the world’s population continues to grow and urbanization expands, there is a pressing need to make structures (i.e., buildings and bridges) more sustainable.  Sustainable can refer to making structures last longer by making them more durable with respect to everyday use in varied environmental conditions, or by making them more resistant to less frequent but violent events, such as earthquakes.  Sustainable can also refer to making structures out of less environmentally taxing materials, such as using recycled materials.  In recent years, structural engineering research at MSU has focused on several aspects of making structural systems more sustainable.  In particular, the following are examples of recent research conducted by structural engineering faculty at MSU.

  • Seismic performance of concrete-filled steel tube to concrete pile cap connections
  • Estimation of seismic drift response for reinforced concrete joints and connections
  • Effect of extreme cold on behavior of structural elements
  • Development and evaluation of concrete containing recycled/alternate materials

This research is conducted in several labs housed in the Civil Engineering department at MSU: the Materials Testing Lab, the high-bay Structures Lab, and the Subzero Science and Engineering Research Facility.


Representative Publications

Drake, G. and Berry, M. (2014), Effect of Cold Temperatures on the Shear Strength of Glued Laminated Beams, Cold Regions Science and Technology. Under Review.

Berry, M. and Kappes, L., (2014), Design Methodology for Concrete Filled Tube to Concrete Pile-Cap Connections, Proceedings ASCE/SEI Structures Congress, Boston, MA.

Roskos, C., White, T., & Berry, M. (2014). Structural Performance of Self-Cementitious Fly Ash Concretes with Glass Aggregates. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering.

Berry, M., Stephens, J., & Cross, D. (2011). Performance of 100% Fly Ash Concrete with Recycled Glass Aggregate. ACI Materials Journal, 108(4).

Fick, D.R., A (2014) Procedure to Estimate the Drift Response of Flat Plate Structures Subjected to Strong Ground Motions, 10th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Anchorage, AK.