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Welcome to the homepage of the Foreman Research Group at Montana State University.

Current Research

  • Life in cold temperature environments
  • Environmental Biofilms
  • Studies of deep ice cores
  • Dissolved organic matter (DOM) dynamics
  • Microbial adaptations to life in cold temperature environments

Our research group is interdisciplinary in nature, including biologists, chemists and engineers with the common goal of exploring the organization of microbial communities in relation to their physical environment and the processing of nutrients and organic matter. We use ecological, biochemical and molecular biology approaches to investigate processes carried out by bacteria in permanently ice covered lakes, glaciers and streams.

Ongoing research concerns carbon flux through bacterial communities in icy environments, with the long-term goal of improving predictions of carbon fate (metabolism to CO2, sequestration into biomass, long term storage in ice) in the context of a changing environment.

Interested students should contact Dr. Foreman.