ski team racer on slalom

Alpine Skiing



Mission: We are a student led organization with the purpose of competing in the sport of alpine ski racing. We compete against other schools located throughout the western US. We take our competition seriously, but understand that many of our members do not have the skills to compete at the NCAA level. We like to have fun and ski fast.


hockey club members with president cruzado

Montana State University Men's Hockey Club





Mission: The Montana State University Club Hockey Team and its supporting organization is dedicated to providing athletes with an opportunity to play ice hockey at the highest level possible, be challenged by the demands of high performance team sports while committing to support each and every student-athlete’s academic success. Work ethic, discipline, and balance are fundamental values our team members and staff strive to uphold on and off the ice.


club baseball pitcher

Club Baseball



Mission: Our mission is to provide players an opportunity to play a competitive level of baseball while building valuable team skills and forming memorable experiences.




mens club soccer

Men's Soccer




Mission: Club Soccer has a large play in the Bozeman and MSU community. For the MSU community, our Club Soccer team helps clean the football stadium, as well as Brick Breeden for different events. We also support the Women's Club soccer team by watching some of their home games, and refereeing their indoor tournaments. For the Bozeman community, our Club supports local businesses by proudly wearing their brand names and promoting their merchandise. Our Club also hosts dual soccer practices with the Women's Club Soccer team to promote unity for the soccer community.


coed volleyball play

Volleyball Club at MSU



Mission: The mission of the club is to provide a friendly safe and fun environment to students at MSU. Anyone is welcome and it is a great way to meet a lot of really cool people that will be your friend for many years.



cycling team photo

Cycling Club



Mission: The MSU cycling club strives to provide a gathering forum for collegiate riders in the MSU community to ride, race, and bond together, while benefiting the vibrant cycling community present in Bozeman and Montana. We are fortunate to live in a place that draws a wide variety of cycling enthusiasts and aficionados. The cycling club is a place where beginners can ride and learn with experts, racers can train and work toward races, and newcomers can explore and learn the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to encouraging all levels of cyclists, from those on their first bike, to experienced riders of many years. Montana State is known for its outdoor pursuits and the cycling club sets out to encourage and grow the opportunities from those interested in cycling.



IHSA group photo

Intercollegiate Horse Show Association




Mission: Our club is designed to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to learn how to ride and show horses competitively in both the English and Western riding disciplines. It allows students to participate in weekly riding lessons, travel to shows within the region, and build relationships with people with similar equine interests. We are also in alignment with the Nation IHSA Mission Statement, which states: "The association was founded on the principle that any college student should be able to participate in horse shows regardless of his or her financial status or riding level. Emphasis is on learning, sportsmanship, and fun. Competition plays a role but the students' enthusiasm and team spirit are the major factors. The objective of IHSA competition is to offer the opportunity to riders in their first years of riding as well to students with show experience. Eliminating the expense of shipping or even owning horses puts IHSA competitions within reach of many who would otherwise miss the equestrian experience".


logger sports team logo

Big Sky Timber Sports





Mission: At Big Sky Timber Sports it is our mission to develop life skills together, carry on the timber sports legacy of sportsmanship, and to be an asset to the Bozeman community.


mens lacrosse player

Men's Lacrosse




Mission: The purpose of the Montana State Men's Lacrosse Club is to provide the opportunity to play for a competitive lacrosse program.  This allows students who have experience playing competitive lacrosse to continue playing the sport at a high level, despite the lack of an NCAA sanctioned program at Montana State University.  We host and travel for games in order to contend for post season travel in the form of conference playoffs and the national tournament.


polo club action shot

Montana State Polo Club



Mission: The Polo Club is a student organization that promotes participation and sportsmanship in polo competition among all students. The club provides students with an opportunity to learn to play polo and create new friendships with team members of other schools. Emphasis is placed upon providing an environment conducive of equine education while encouraging the development of sportsmanship, leadership and team spirit.



Racquetball Club of Montana State



Mission: We promote the sport of racquetball to the MSU and Bozeman community and give people the opportunity to compete in a variety of different settings. We welcome all skill levels and support all to become better players.




Men's Rugby at MSU




Mission: Our mission is to enlighten the student body about the wonderful game of rugby. We welcome all male students to come and learn about the strategy, tactics, and rules of rugby. We play at a very competitive National level and expect to improve our performances each year. This is only achievable through hard work and dedication and is embodied by our mantra of: Family, School, Rugby... in that order. Additionally, we have a large presence in the Bozeman Community through our various volunteer opportunities.





Taekwondo Club of MSU



Mission: The mission of the taekwondo club is to provide a fun and positive compliment to the academic lifestyle of college students. The taekwondo club seeks to provide a challenging workout, an avenue of positive growth, and an environment where those who seek to compete in taekwondo can achieve their greatest potential.



triathlon club group shot

Triathlon Club



Mission: The Triathlon Club seeks students at MSU-Bozeman interested in the sport of triathlon. We offer weekly, coached practices during most weeks of the year. Club members also receive a basic training plan. We are a multi-level group with members interested in competition along with first timers as well. We compete in the Northwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference (NWCTC) and travel to regionals each year. This year, it will be in Sweet Home, OR. For those interested, we also send club members to USAT Collegiate Nationals each Spring.



ultimate team photo

Men's Ultimate Club




Mission: The purpose of this organization is to compete at a high level against quality opponents in our Section, Region, and the Nation. Next, we want to foster a good sense of teamwork in the team and create strong and lasting relationships with the Ladies Ultimate Team and all other Ultimate players in Bozeman. Lastly, we intend to create young men who are physically and mentally prepared to continue Ultimate and academic pursuits into later life.




team photo april 2015

Women's Lacrosse




Mission: Through athletic competition, community involvement, and team building the Montana State Women's Lacrosse team aims to instill a life-long love for the sport, develop strong leadership skills, support academic excellence, and establish a devotion to the community in each of our student-athletes.


womens rugby team huddle

Montana State Women's Rugby



Website -

Mission: The purpose of the Women’s Rugby Club at Montana State is to allow female students to experience Rugby in an exciting, healthy, school-oriented environment. The club allows students to be members of an organized, successful team while also giving back to the community and to our school. Playing rugby for Montana State is a great way to actively partake in all that Montana State has to offer. Members are able to participate in athletics while remaining fully devoted to their academics. Our program has been wildly successful in its first year and hopes to continue doing so. In both seasons as Bobcats, the Women’s Rugby Club has represented Montana State at USA Rugby Nationals. Being involved in a club sport has proved to increase retention rates among college-aged students. Additionally, providing students to represent their university has obvious benefits. The club provides this opportunity during both fall and spring semesters, as rugby competition is year round. 


womens soccer club in the stadium

Women's Soccer Club



Mission: The Women’s Club Soccer Team at Montana State University strives to provide a program that furthers the female student educational experience at MSU through athletics. The purpose of this club is to provide students the opportunity to compete competitively while emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment. The Women’s Club Soccer at MSU program represents Montana State University and will continue to do so in a positive way.


womens ultimate frisbee team photo fall 2014

Women's Club Ultimate




Mission: MSU Women’s Ultimate seeks to enhance the collegiate experience of female athletes in competing in  the Big Sky Region at the Division 1 level of the United States Ultimate Women’s Collegiate Series.  As a team we seek to cultivate an empowered team of women with lasting relationships, strong leadership skills, academic excellence, and a devotion to the Bozeman community. This community fosters the growth of the sport and friendships, welcoming all female athletes regardless of skill level.


wrestling club team practice

Wrestling Club



Mission: Establish a competitive wrestling program at Montana State.

Women Hockey

Women's Hockey Club



Mission: The purpose of this club is to offer a way for those who have interest in the game of hockey and play hockey with women that have the same interest. This club is welcoming to all that wish to play and who are willing to work up a good sweat. Also, this club is here to provide female students with the opportunity to compete in an athletic activity, while emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and having fun.

Badminton Club



Mission: To promote the sport of badminton for competitive and recreational purpose in the campus.


Boxing Club at MSU



Mission: Our goal is to teach the foundations and skills required for competitive boxing, while keeping an enjoyable and fun atmosphere. In the end “you get what you put in”.

Figure Skating


Golf Club


Nordic Skiing Club at MSU



Mission: Our mission is to promote the lifelong sport of Nordic skiing at Montana State University, which we achieve through weekly practices, competitive racing, and community service events. Our club welcomes all MSU students and caters to every ability level, from brand new skiers to elite racers. We take advantage of the many groomed trails in the Bozeman area to train for races, make friends, and enjoy the outdoors. We have experienced Nordic ski coaches in the club who are eager to help other club members take their skiing to the next level.

Swim Club

Swim Club at MSU



Mission: The Montana State Swim Club is here to provide a place for college swimmers to practice swimming, write workouts, and have fun.

Water Polo at MSU



Mission: The purpose of Water Polo at MSU is to bring the sport of water polo to Montana and give people an opportunity to start a new sport or continue to play a sport they have previously enjoyed. The club is open to any and all players, regardless of skill level. We compete with other teams and practice at least once a week on skills and usually will scrimmage. Come out and join us!


Women's Taekwondo Club at MSU




Mission: Through this group, we wish to empower women of all backgrounds to defend themselves and train their body, mind, and spirit. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that focuses on these principles and gives you a new understanding of your own physical abilities. We aim to help each of our members learn more about who they are and what they can accomplish. Taekwondo is also an amazing way to make friends and get fit.

This is primarily a beginner level class - Level of athleticism is not important, as we will be developing your skills from the ground up. If you have previous experience of taekwondo, we will still train you the beginner’s level material but we will respect your rank and do everything we can to translate the material in a comprehensive way. Your physical needs matter to us! If you have any conditions that make strenuous activity difficult for you, we will do everything in our power to make this a more comfortable experience for you.

Running Club at MSU



Mission: To bring together the runners of Montana State University is the goal and provide the opportunity to run as part of a basket woven group. The organization will also provide all runners with the opportunity to run competitively in intercollegiate cross country and track meets and road races.


These resources are only to provide Club Sport information. No Soliciting allowed.