Current Projects

  1. Adapting and testing the most promising youth mental health resiliency/suicide prevention program (YAM) in Montana and Texas high schools (Matt Byerly, MD and Madhukar Trivedi, MD)
  2. Collaborating with SiteOne Therapeutics to develop a non-opioid treatment for chronic pain
  3. Testing a next-generation, computerized (online) therapy for depression in rural communities and health care systems (Mark Schure, PhD and John Greist, MD)
  4. Supporting the development of a mental health focus within MSU Extension (Sandra Bailey, PhD)
  5. Multi-site schizophrenia study seeking to improve treatment for those who have trouble taking medication regularly (Matt Byerly, MD and Otsuka)
  6. Developing personalized medicine for depression treatment: Identifying small molecules (metabolites) in the blood that predict which antidepressant medication is most likely to be effective for a particular individual (Janet Lindow, PhD; Brian Bothner, PhD; Valerie Copie, PhD; Mark Greenwood, PhD; and Matt Byerly, MD)
  7. Testing the Good Behavior Game, a behavioral intervention, in Native American elementary school-aged children (Janet Lindow, PhD and Holly Wilcox, PhD)
  8. Testing an equine-assisted therapy in combat veterans with PTSD (Janet Lindow, PhD, Paul Gatzemeier, BE, and HSHI)

Projects in Development

  1. Adapting and evaluating CBT4CBT, an online treatment for substance use disorders (Janet Lindow, PhD, John Greist, MD, Kathleen Carroll, MD, and Matt Byerly, MD)
  2. Implementing computerized depression and anxiety treatments for youth in schools (Janet Lindow, PhD, John Greist, MD, John March, MD MPH, and Matt Byerly, MD)