What is Thrive?

Thirve For Montana

Montana ranks high among states on mental disorder prevalence and low on access to mental care. It has the highest suicide rate in the nation. Of Montana's 56 counties, 10 are classified as rural and 45 as frontier, accentuating distance and provider availability challenges in accessing care. New treatment delivery modalities are needed to complement, supplement and augment scarce mental health care. With increased Internet accessibility, computer-administered Cognitive Behavior Therapy (cCBT) programs have emerged as viable approaches to effective treatment of depression. Thrive, a sophisticated interactive digital cCBT program using a largely video format platform intended to enhance engagement has been shown to significantly reduce depressive symptoms among adults with varying severity of depressive symptomology in uncontrolled urban settings.

This project is led by Dr. Mark Schure, Assistant Professor of Community Health (MSU).

Thrive for Montana

During the summer of 2017, project team members collaborated with the MSU film department to develop and produce learning videos specific to rural Montanans' lifestyles and experiences that are now included as part of a new culturally-adapted version of the Thrive program called Thrive for Montana.

Participation in Thrive

Study promotion and recruitment for the random control trial started in September 2017 and will continue for several months. Interested persons can easily find out more information about the project, quickly go through a screening to determine eligibility for participating in the study, and sign up for the study if deemed eligible at thriveformontana.com webpage. Eligibility Criteria for the study participation include:

  • Having a Montana residency
  • Aged 18 or older
  • Having regular access to broadband Internet
  • Having depressive symptoms that are at least mild


This project is expected to have an immediate positive impact on Montanans with depressive symptoms, syndromes, and disorders. The long-term goal of this project is to provide a culturally acceptable, accessible, engaging, and confidential evidence-based tool to treat depressive symptoms, syndromes and disorders and improve the health and quality of life for Montanans and other rural populations.

For further information, contact Mark Schure at (406) 994- 3248 (mark.schure@montana.edu).


Bill Bryan, PhD

Bill Bryan

Dr. Bryan is the founder and Executive Director of One Montana, a statewide program designed to connect rural and urban Montanans for sustainable, collaborative projects and community development endeavors. He has over 40 years of experience in nonprofit and for-profit business development, including a premier travel planning service for the entire Western Hemisphere (Off the Beaten Path). He serves on the Presidential Advisory Councils for Montana State University and the University of Montana as well as the boards for the Center for Responsible Travel, Resource Renewal Institute, Clean Air-Clean Planet, the Museum of the Rockies, the Yellowstone Business Partnership, and the Eisenhower World Affairs Institute.

Website: http://www.onemontana.org/who-we-are/staff-board-and-advisory-committee