Montana State University

Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship Internships

You must be formally admitted to the Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (JJCBE) to enroll in an internship for credit (ACTG 498, BFIN 498, BMGT 498, or BMKT 498). An internship experience may be located at the student’s initiative or through the Bracken Center (457 Reid). We receive many requests throughout the year for interns, so be sure to check often for new internships that have become available.  Career/Job Opportunities are also available through the Bracken Center and MSU's Career Services.

(If you are a graduate student in the Master of Professional Accountancy program, please see your graduate advisor for information about ACTG 598 internships).

In order to register for internship credit, follow these steps:

  • Pick up an internship packet in the Faculty Services Office (451 Reid Hal)l, or click on the links below for all the guidelines and forms that you will need. The packet contains all the information you need in setting up your learning contract, obtaining faculty advisor and site supervisor approvals, registering for the course, and submitting weekly reports.
  • Meet with the faculty member who has agreed to supervise your internship (this is not necessarily your faculty advisor) to complete the Faculty Approval Form and to discuss the Learning Contract.
  • Meet with your site supervisor who will be supervising your field experience and obtain his/her signature on the Learning Contract.
  • If you wish to enroll in ACTG 498, you will also need to complete an Undergraduate ACTG 498 Internship Approval Form (also available in the Faculty Services Office (451 Reid Hall) and by clicking on link below).
  • Submit the completed forms to the Faculty Services Office (451 Reid Hall) where they will be kept on file with your weekly reports. Keep a copy for your records.
  • To register for the course, submit a signed Add/Drop Request Form to the Registrar's Office. The faculty member supervising your internship needs to sign the Instructor portion of the Add/Drop Request Form. Deadlines for registering for an internship are the same as registering for any course. Adds after the 10th class day require approval of Dr. Susan Dana, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (457 Reid Hall).

Complete, Electronically Fillable Internship Packet (For Non-ACTG Internships)

Printable Individual Form Sections for Non-ACTG Internships:
Internship Guidelines
Weekly Reports and Topics
Faculty Approval, Learning Contract, and Student's Acknowledgement Forms
Supervisor's Evaluation
Add/Drop Request Form

NEW! Accounting Internship Application Materials:
Policies and Procedures
Internship Application Form
Learning Contract with On-Site Supervisor
Agreement with Faculty Internship Advisor
Add/Drop Request Form
Internship Performance Evaluation
Weekly Report and Final Report Topics

Turning in weekly reports:

Internship reports should be e-mailed to: and to your faculty internship advisor.

Academic Credit for your internship:

If you wish to receive academic credit for the internship experience and/or if the site requires you be a registered student at the time of the experience, you must register for ACTG 498, BFIN 498, BMGT 498, or BMKT 498. Students may not retroactively register for the course, i.e., do the experience in the summer and actually register for the course in the fall.

Grading of internships:

Internships are graded P/F. Assessment of a student's performance is based on the faculty's review of the weekly reports and input from the site work advisor.